” Indian Govt. Should Reestablish Vedic India” – Baba Ramdev

132923-yogi-rishi-swami-ramdev-interaction-on-the-subject-of-enrichmen.jpgRamdev Baba suggest millions for Vedic science by Govt. of India. Govt. should give recognition to Ram currency. Lauded conference. Vedic people are doing a divine job.

People made barriers on Yoga and Adhyatham. Maharishi broke those barriers. Emphasis should be on Vedic Yoga. Three major issues in World.

Sacrifice in individual life and prosperity in social life.

Majhabbo marg Bhog Unmat Yudho Unmat

Vedic philosophy is solution to such problem. New India a Vedic Bharat, we will deploy full resources.

International conference to Re establish Vedic India.

Source: WHN Media Network