“Indian PM Narendra Modi – Wake Up For Heaven Sake!!!” – 11 Tips by Satya Dosapati, An American Hindu Intellectual

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As days progress, ​Indian PM Narendra Modi​ needs to recognize that India has no patience for another 5 years waiting for corrupt Delhi establishment to deliver. Here are some thoughts:

1) Come out of the coccoon of Delhi PMO and stop listening to only yes men of Delhi. Consider replacing the officials who are continuing from corrupt Delhi establishment. People rejected Congress and we are continuing the same corrupt establishment.

2) Nationalize all foreign deposited funds and give amnesty for a period of time. Stop corrupt instruments as Participatory notes and other issues. Why are so many corrupt cases not being pursued when we were told that there will not be interference with judiciary?

3) Make every BJP MP accountable to his constituency. What are they doing and have done so far? Every day, every minute should be spend in addressing the concerns of the people. How are they implementing BJP promises to people? How many of them do even know the constituency issues? How many times did they meet their people? BJP has most MPs from UP and Bihar and if they are put to job, BJP do not need rich people funds to win elections.

4) Stop the billions of dollars of Foreign NGO funding in India, it is having disastrous consequences. We control how much is invested in India in business, but we have hardly any control who are destroying India from within. Indira Gandhi did it, Putin did it, even US has so many restrictions, BJP need to seek input and come up with bold plan.

5) Ban the foreign investment in Indian news media. Whose interests will they serve? How many times has this media that talked ad nauseum of 300 hundred converts about Ghar Vapasi has addressed the 17% of the Andhra state converted in just 8 years. Is anyone talking about it? Why is BJP afraid of in speaking the truth?

6) Do not betray your base. ​​Indian PM Narendra Modi said during elections, ‘Equal rights to all, appeasements to none’. UPA Government has implemented blatantly discriminating laws whether it is scholarships to poor and others. Why are these issues not being fixed? Why is BJP increasing the subsidy for beef? Taking your base for granted is foolish. Address the outrageous conversions going on. Why are Hindu Temples are under Government control?

7) Stop paternalistic attitude that we will implement big schemes and programs and that will percolate eventually to poor. India poor is suffering and that has been the appeal of parties like AAP. Sitting pretty with rich men, making sure to protect the rich that funded elections so that they can help win future elections, people had enough of it. Show honesty, show humility and work with people and people will vote. They are hungering for honest leaders to address their day to day issues. Daily life is hell to common India, what has BJP in state and center doing to address this? Stop the police harassment, stop the harassment of state and central government officials. Think boldly and change the way India gets the bureaucrats who are responsible for the people not their political masters.

8) Is Rajya Sabha a problem? How come a corrupt coalition Congress Government could pass so many laws including Andhra division with carrot and stick approach and BJP cannot do it. Use the corruption of Mulayam, Mayawati, Mamata and Jayalalitha to make them fall in line.

9) Bring in genuine electoral reforms including public funding of elections and compulsory voting and paper trail for EVMs. This will stop the dependence on rich and corrupt men. People will vote if BJP shows they care.

10) Reach out to those who worked very hard with sincerity to help you win. It is not the millions of the rich but more importantly the toil of so many people helped you win. Seek out the most and best of the nation and put them to work for improving India, not the same old corrupt cabal.

11) India is known as the spiritual world, the ancient traditions are looked upon as the only saviour of humanity in the world. But that rich tradition is grossly neglected and the potential for tourism in developing them and improving economy of millions is very huge. Is anyone looking into this? Rehaul the archaelogy and tourism departments and release Hindu temples from Government control.

Many believe, ​​Indian PM Narendra Modi is lost in PMO coccoon of Delhi cabal and fast losing touch with common man. The most important thing to do is re-look the promises made to people, distance from Delhi cabal, listen to many and work to address both macro and micro issues of India. The issues of common man are as important as big schemes. The issue of addressing corruption is as important as addressing development schemes.

Indian PM Narendra Modi​, ​ please wake up for heaven sake. Western educated and corrupt establishment will neither save you or save India. You have a chance of a lifetime and do NOT blow it. You did for Gujarat and you can do for India. Go back to promises made to people and start working on it and provide a progress on PMO site made on each item.


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