Indian President Condemns Terror Killing of Peshavar, Syria and France, seeks determined action

New Delhi, Feb 8 (PTI) Citing the horrific killings in Syria, France and in a Peshawar school, President Pranab Mukherjee today said international community must assert itself and take concerted and determined action against terrorism of which India is one of the oldest victims.

“Terrorism is today an industry of evil. It is not just a threat to peace and security but an attack on humanity as a whole and civilisation as we understand.

“The international community must assert itself and tackle the problem by taking concerted, coordinated and determined action,” he said addressing the sixth conference of ambassadors and High Commissioners, who head Indian Missions abroad.


The President stressed that this great challenge to human values should be faced firmly and squarely through international cooperation and efforts should be made to mobilise the world to take concerted and determined action against the menace.

“We have, in recent days, witnessed the horrific killings of innocent hostages in Syria, the attack on the media in Paris and the tragic killing of school children and their teachers in Peshawar.

“India is one of the oldest victims of terrorism. There is no good terrorism or bad terrorism. Terrorism respects no religion, ideology or nation. It is no longer a debating issue. The international community must assert itself and tackle the problem by taking concerted, coordinated and determined action,” Mukherjee said.

The President called upon India’s Ambassadors and High Commissioners to apply themselves to how this challenge can be addressed and to come up with ideas on how to mobilise the world to take concrete action that will mitigate and end this menace.


Source: NitiCentral