India’s Hindu Hunters – K. A. Krishna Rao

Radhe Ma is being harassed by the media simply because she is a Hindu celebrity.

They would not do this to a Christian or a Muslim- never; they know the consequences.

We, Hindus are a peace-loving, silently-suffering people.See how they underplayed Thampu’s  case (St.Stephens).

They have done this to Satya Sai, Bapu , Ramdev and scores and scores of other saints ..

All devout Hindus know that the media has been hunting Hindu spiritual leaders for the last few years. Their aim is to show Hinduism in poor light so that , Hindus are made to slowly walk out and join Islam or Christianity; which, of course, is already happening due to these malicious elements.

The media may be receiving payments in cash or kind, directly or indirectly, for this harassment, from christian mafia or the leftists or by some foreign elements or by all of them.Showing Hinduism in bad light , is the only purpose of this campaign by the media.

We, devout Hindus, can do no better than condemn and curse the media, though, for these rascals our condemnation means nothing. But we are happy that some day or other these scallywags will be severely punished by God.And we pray that this happens to all these villains.
We hope God will hear our ardent prayers.

Brinda Karat, her husband some Karath,Amartya Sen, media personnel like Sagarika Ghosh, Sardesai, Dutta, Rahul, Sawanth, Chaurasia Anurag, Kashyap ,Kumar, Abhijnan, Aroor, Arnab, Sharma,and a host of hoodlums and riff-raffs of Indian journalism, are all active participants in this vicious media campaign against Hindu spiritual celebrities.

Now that we have criticised them, they will hunt with double the vigour…..!!!!!!!

Ye, the wicked of the earth , wait for the Vaitarani…..!!!!


About the author: K.A. Krishna Rao

Born in 1938. K.A. Rao did his majors in history from St. Aloysius College, Managalore. Later M.A in Economics from Loyola College Chennai in 1959. He started his career as a management trainee in 1960 and later served as General Manager in a public sector firm. He retired in 2006 after 46 years Of service and is now based out of Hubli, Karnataka.  His interest inclde books on religion, history. He has been writing articles for Mumbai based Hindu Voice. He is interested in serving for case of Dharma.

Source; K. A. Krishna Rao via WHN Media Network
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