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In a black day for India’s free press, Arnab Goswami was encircled by the Mumbai Police which barged into his home, physically assaulted him, and dragged him by the hair to be arrested. The arrest made at 7:45am on Wednesday, was a brazen abuse of power by the Mumbai Police under the Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh, and undoubtedly as per the tutelage of the Maharashtra Government.

Arnab Goswami was arrested in a case which was closed in April 2019 because the Police found no proof of illegality. The conniving, calibrated and concocted nature of the re-opening of the case by the Maharashtra Government is the final nail on the coffin of democracy prevailing in the state. Armed with semi-automatic weapons, a complete disregard for due process and a mission to mow down the rights of citizens, the Mumbai Police has scarred Indian democracy with the most dastard blot.

After the failure to make falsehoods on a TRP scam, hawala operation, and suspicious money trails stick, now an encounter cop has been deployed to make an arrest in a cropped up suicide case that was already closed in 2019. An encounter cop Sachin Vaze, who was suspended following a custodial death case in 2003 joined the Shiv Sena and even faced extortion allegations has been reinstated, was leading the arrest of Arnab Goswami today. The entire exercise reeks of vendetta, demonstrates shocking abuse of power and is proof of the arrogant and insecure Maharashtra Government.

While being taken away in a Police van, Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami appealed to the people of India to fight for the truth. It is now time to come together as ONE and fight for it.

With the truth, we humbly appeal and turn to the citizens of India to sign this petition so that the voice of Indians and citizens across the world reaches the highest offices and quarters.



This petition is an appeal for support, a symbol of solidarity and a message on behalf of 130 crore Indians that they will come together and fight this brutal bludgeoning of the heart of our democracy, liberty and fundamental rights in an independent democratic Republic of India.

This petition is a statement to every quarter of power that the people of India will not remain mute spectators to the breaking down of law and order, the high-handedness of a state machinery and the open physical assault on a citizen of India.

This petition is a pledge by the people of India that they will not allow the tradition of a fiercely free media in India to be trampled upon by a state machinery intoxicated with power, seeped in insecurity and dunked in.

The petition is a blaring message that the people of India are watching this onslaught of our constitutional principles all because Arnab Goswami and the Republic Media Network did not shy away from their role as the fourth estate when he questioned the Uddhav Thackeray led government whether in the Palghar Lynching case, the Sushant Singh Rajput death case, the Indiabulls case or any other case.

This petition is the voice of the people of India, rising up against the biggest assault on Constitution, the worst attack on the truth, and the all out hammerblow of the very spirit of our democracy.


Sign the petition to demand urgent intervention to end this prevailing Emergency in Maharashtra.

Sign the petition to demand all those involved in the unsubstantiated allegations and fake cases against Arnab Goswami and Team Republic are immediately removed from public office and probed for their motivated agenda.

Sign the petition to demand immediate action against the Mumbai Police commissioner who has led an assault on the fourth pillar.

Sign the petition to demand strongest action against those sitting in the highest offices of power, choreographing the brutal assault on Arnab Goswami and his family, and on the rule of law.

Sign the petition to demand an immediate removal of all the Mumbai Police officers who physically assaulted Arnab Goswami.

Sign the petition to ensure that no right thinking citizen of India is arrested for demanding answerability from the state machinery.

Sign the petition to ensure that encounter cops like Sachin Vaze cannot brazenly threaten journalists in their homes by saying, “you are creating trouble for yourself.”

Sign the petition to stand against a journalist being hounded by the police, his family being assaulted and being dragged for arrest in a closed case that has been maliciously reopened.

Sign the petition to ensure that arrest journalists doing their duty, questioning state machinery and working for your right to know cannot be picked up, beaten and arrested as part of a witch-hunt.

Source: https://petition.republicworld.com/