Iran’s Bandar Abbas Hindu Temple

TEHRAN, IRAN, July 17, 2003: The historic Bandar Abbas Hindu Temple in Hormozgan Province is considered a unique sample of Indian architecture in Iran. The temple was built in 1310 CE by Indian architects for Hindus residing in the region, following the order of the Governor of the ports at the time, Mohammad-Hassan Khan Sa’dolmalek. Covering a total area of 300 meters, the temple has a large square-shaped room and a corridor embracing the room. A niche with a dome-shaped ceiling is also built in the temple which seems to be where the statute was set up. It is located in the center of Bandar Abbas, across from the bazaar long used by local salesmen. Its beautiful dome, as well as the pictures of man and horse painted on the walls draw attention of most visitors. The temple is registered as an Iranian national monument by the Cultural Heritage Organization and the renovation of the building began in 1997. HPI adds: This is the entire report on the temple, and it appears that there is neither Deity nor worship there.

SOURCE: Hinduismtoday