Jain Muni Vinamrasagarji Maharaj visits Sanatan ashram

Devad (Panvel) : Spiritual practice undertaken by Sanatan seekers is very noble. You are taking society on the path of liberation; therefore, you have the responsibility of all people. All of you practicing spirituality are the drivers of Indians. If you make a mistake, all Indians will have to bear its consequences. 90 – 100 crore Hindus from India stand in your support. The spiritual practice and tasks given to you by H. H. Dr. Athavale and the responsibilities given to you, are to be carried out in proper manner as expected by Him. If it is done in right manner, the ‘Sattva’ principle in you will rise, evil in society will be destroyed and the path of welfare of Universe will still broaden. The above views were expressed by Jain Muni Pujya Vinamrasagarji Maharaj during his felicitation after his arrival at Sanatan’s ashram at 11.00 a.m. on 18th February.
1. Valuable views of Jain Muni Pu. Vinamrasagarji Maharaj
1. A. Management in Sanatan ashram should reach every home !
Jain Muni Pu. Vinamrasagarji Maharaj was very much impressed with the management of Sanatan ashram and Sanatan’s activities. He said, “If one wants to do MBA course, he should leave college and come here. The whole system is operated beautifully with ‘Chaitanya’, ‘Shakti’ and communion with God. It becomes difficult to make 50 students sit together in school; and here, all seekers coming from different places, are staying like family members; which is very commendable. The efforts made by you are praiseworthy. Ashram is a role-model and it should be followed in every house.
1.B. Sanatan seekers are practicing spirituality and are very lucky !
Had an evil person like Duryodhan been controlled in time, there would have been no ‘Mahabharata’. It has caused huge damage to India and India’s progress took a back-seat . What we can learn from this, is evil attitudes need to be crushed in time. Even today, there are many ‘Duryodhanas’ in this country who need to be eliminated. The harm caused by evilness of such wicked persons is less as compared to the harm caused by indifference and lethargy shown by virtuous people. You all are lucky that you could shake off such lethargy, got awakened and are undertaking spiritual practice.

2. Every Indian should do something for his country ! – message for Indian youth by Pu. Vinamrasagarji Maharaj

2. A. ‘Largest youth strength in the world is in India; but Indian youth are working for foreign companies in other countries instead of working here. They prefer to stay abroad; but there was a period when people from all over the world used to come to Nalanda and Takshasheela Universities to study. The youth should revive that period by working in India.
2. B. There is a large number of workers in India and the world also looks at India with same perspective; they treat India as their subordinate. Mentality of Indians has become ‘job oriented’. Every Indian should work for this country. Benefit of their work should be useful to our citizens. This message needs to be spread to all youth.’

3. Pu. Vinamrasagarji’s prayer for welfare of all !
‘My blessings are with Sanatan Sanstha’s mission. All of you undertake ‘sadhana’ more earnestly. It is certain that one day, we will once again begin era of our culture. We will re-establish religious sytem, social system, spiritual system and economic system devised by Arya Chanakya. We will present such system to the whole world setting ideal before them. Let us all take part in it, is an auspicious prayer !’

His Background : Jain Muni Pujya Vinamrasagarji Maharaj was initiated, when he was ten years old, under the guidance of Jain Muni Acharya Pujya Harshasagar Pureeshwarji Maharaj. At the age of 19, he held ‘Matru-vandana’ program before an audience of 50,000 people. Recently, he staged successful agitation against a slaughter-house at Morba (Dist. Raigad); wherein he had taken out a huge march uniting 50,000 local residents from rural areas; forcing the Government to close down the slaughter house. He guides youth on protection of cows and animals.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat