Jihadi call to support AAP & Congress to defeat Hindu Nationalist Leader “Narendra Modi”

The unholy nexus of Jihadi Fundamentalist group, Popular Front of India(PFI), with AAP came into fore once again with PFI extending its support to Arvind Kejrival in Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency. PFI has issued a press release which calls Modi as a representative of hard-line aggressive Hindutwa than anything else and lauds Aam Admi Party decision to field its supreme leader Arvind Kejriwal against Modi. It also expresses its worries against the recent public outrages which Arvind Kejrival had to face due to his perceived U-tunrs & double-speak.

In Vadodara constituency, as expected, PFI is extending its support to Congress candidate Madhusudan Mistry because, it feels, Mistry is the most possible winning candidate against Modi.

This completes the vicious circle of AAP-Congress-PFI nexus to defeat BJP even at the cost of national security & integrity.

Now, the question remains whether the so-called self-proclaimed secular parties will have the courage to decline the Jihadi support to their candidates?

Interestingly, this is not the first time AAP is joining hands with Kerala based Jihadi organization which is notorius for its hand-chopping brutality committed against a college professor.

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Source: Haindava Keralam