Jihadi harasses Hindu businessman for naming his shop after Hindu Deity

Pune, 11th January – Shri. Vishal Bharat Shinde, a Hindu trader took a shop on rent from a Jihadi in the building of Masjid Trust in Bhavani Peth. He named the shop as Balaji Enterprises and put up few pictures of Deities in his shop; but the Jihadi owner forced Shri. Shinde to remove the name board from his shop; asked him to remove pictures of Deities; so also harassed him in different manner.

It was insisted that pictures of Mecca, Medina should be displayed in the shop. Shri. Shinde tried to lodge a complaint with police against the owner, Rafiq Ustad but police ignored him.but when Shiv Sainks asked police about it, his complaint was accepted.

News in detail is –

  1. Shri. Shinde asked owner Ustad reason for  removing pictures of Hindu Deities and changing name of the shop, the owner said, “trustees of our mosque have asked that why the shop was given to a Hindu ? Why its name was given as Balaji Enterprises ? The owner asked Shri. Shinde to keep the shop’s name as ‘B A Enterprises’ rather than Balaji Enterprises.
  2. Then, Ustad started harassing Shri. Shinde by asking him to vacate the shop.
  3. Fanatic robbed Shri. Shinde of computer, camera, printer, scanner, net-setter etc. kept in the shop. A case has been filed with police station and Police Inspector Shirke is investigating the matter.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat