Jihadi spreads rumour against Hindu women as she denies his ‘Love Jihad’

images (1)Hideous way of ‘love jihad’ spread throughout Raigad !

There is no alternative to establish Hindu Rashtra for permanently eradicating fanatic Jihadis’ ‘love jihad’ !

Raigad :  A Jihadi had fight with a married woman with whom he had an affair; therefore, when she was travelling in a train, he spread rumour that she was carrying a bomb. (This incident shows that fanatic Jihadis can go to any extent if they are unsuccessful in ‘love jihad’. Righteous and patriotic rulers are required to eliminate such terrorism of fanatic Jihadis ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

1. Roha Police received a call from a person on 20th May who gave his name as Abdulla Deshmukh informing about a woman travelling in Diwa- Sawantwadi train carrying a bomb.

2. Police immediately vacated the train at Roha station and called for a bomb detecting squad from Alibaug; but it was found that it was just a hoax call.

3. On collecting information about the call, police found that the caller Abdulla was originally a resident of Mahad (Raigad) and is now Non-Resident Indian having since settled in Saudi Arabia.

4. He had an affair with a married woman with whom he had a fight and to take revenge, he gave such wrong information against her. The above details were given by Police Inspector Ankush Shinde. (Jihadis feel that they can get away with anything owing to their being over-pampered by rulers all these years and they create problem for citizens so also emergency for Government machinery ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

5. Details of this incident have been submitted by Raigad police to the Director General of Police for the State; demanding to take action against Abdulla Deshmukh.

Source: Forum for Hindu Awakening