Join nationwide protests against Anti-Hindu Singham Returns starting 2nd August

Mumbai – HJS has undertaken a movement against this film for denigrating Hindu Saints. Starting 2nd August, agitation will be staged in different cities at national level under ‘Rashtreeya Hindu Andolan’. As a part of this movement, awareness is being created even through internet and has received an unprecedented response.


1. Hindujagruti.Org

On, the official website of HJS, campaign has been intiated against the film. More than 31,000 devout Hindus read the news updates of ‘Singham Returns’ on English and Hindi website in last 2 weeks. Many devout Hindus have praised HJS for taking initiative in the matter and have sent e-mails protesting against the film.

2. HJS’ Facebook page

On the ‘Facebook’ page of HJS, posts exposing the real nature of the film have been uploaded. Numerous posts have been uploaded on its English and Hindi pages so far and response received is given below.

A. Total reach : 33 lakh, 75 thousand, 953

B. Total ‘likes’ : 60528

C. Total shares : 20939

D. Total comments : 6627


3. Twitter    


Tweets made through HJS twitter account are also receiving good response.    

4. Other websites

A. Newspaper websites : Many newspapers have published this news quite prominently on their official websites.

For instance, ‘Aaj Tak’ news website gave mass publicity by publishing this news on its homepage on 29th July. Readers of ‘Aaj Tak’ have predominantly registered their opinion in favour of Hindu Dharma and HJS. Most of the readers have disliked opinions (comments) posted opposing HJS movement.

B. Google :

For keyword “Singham Returns” searched on Google, Indian Express’ link publishing news about opposition to ‘Singham Returns’ stood 7th whereas the same news on Hindujagruti.Org ranked 11th. (as checked on 30th July at 11.00 a.m.)

It may be noted here that points on matters against Hindu Dharma, are also opposed to some extent owing to confusion amongst Hindus. Hindus are, however, positively responding to this movement on large scale.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti