Katwa Byabasayi Samity Won The Battle

On August 10, 2013, Katwa, renowned sub divisional town in the district of Burdwan, witnessed a communal problem. The problem started in the morning at Madhabitala area of the town when one vendor Jubai Seikh was found to misbehave with and also slam a Hindu woman buyer. To save her, Sadananda Roy, a Hindu shop owner of Sridhar Bhandar, came forward and beat the vendor. To avenge this, a large number of Muslims from nearby Katoapara turned up there soon and started plundering without more ado. Rs. 30,000 in cash and other articles have been looted by the rampaging mob from that shop. While the shop of Sadananda Roy was ravaged, he and other Hindus present there were also beaten hollow.
The news of such a brutal assault did spread like a wild fire. Hindus, remaining witnesses to mounting tortures and rape/molestation/murder of poor Hindu women of late, got infuriated soon. Their anger got expressed through a leaderless but terrible defence raised against Muslim culprits.  Members of Katwa Byabasayi Samity (Katwa Business Association) started circulating the news with mike leading to a large assemblage of Hindus at Madhabitala market. The incensed mob was found to prevent Muslim vendors from going on with their usual business and according to information (obtained through sources) several Hindus were observed to retaliate as well. Soon, as a mark of protest, businessmen of all markets closed down their shops. Even if police and RAF have been deployed to control the situation, they are finding it difficult to calm Hindus down.
Even on 11 August, all shops and business establishments were closed in Katwa. Hindus demanded immediate arrest of the culprit Jubai Seikh and all other miscreants of Katoapara. Then only administration called a meeting with the Katwa Byabasayi Samity. SDO, SDPO & OC of Katwa were present in the meeting. Byabasayi Samity demanded a permanent solution of the problem. Administration conceded all demands of the Samity. Accordingly Jubai Seikh has been arrested. Other 9 named accused will be arrested within 10 days – administration assured. Today Katwa market and shops opened. People consider it as a victory of Katwa Byabasayi Samity.

Source: Hindusamhati