Lahore High Court moved seeking ban on liquor sale and permits

Following rising opposition to alcohol sale and purchase in Punjab, a petition seeking ban on liquor sale and purchase in Punjab province. At the same time, the petition has sought cancellation of permits issued to non-Muslims which legally allow them to produce and sell alcohol. The petitioner has sought complete ban on liquor trade in the province.

Ban on liquor in Punjab

The petitioner in this case, Muhammad Aziz who is a lawyer himself has submitted the application seeking a ban on the liquor trade. Advocate Muhammad Aziz had maintained in his petition that the issuance of permits for liquor production and trade is resulting in uncontrolled and blatant sale of liquor in the cities.

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Advocate Muhammad Aziz also maintained that imposing a ban on the sale of liquor has now become inevitable, the petition further demands a complete ban on issuance of permits regarding alcohol trade. He demanded that all previous permits issued to Non-Muslims must all be cancelled. The petitioner maintained that the desired ban must be imposed in order to “save the future of our youth.”

Previously, Sindh High Court (SHC) had already slapped a ban on the liquor sale in Sindh. In a petition case hearing on Monday December 27, the Sindh High Court had questioned why were certain Muslims not ready to completely ban the sale of liquor in Pakistan when the non-Muslims had no issue with it.

During the case hearing, PML-N leader and Hindu lawmaker Ramesh Kumar told the court that alcohol consumption was forbidden, in the sacred book of Hindus. Sindh Excise and Taxation department was represented by Advocate Asma Jahangir said on this occasion that the liquor trade has generated huge revenue for the government. She added that Ramesh Kumar was a lawmaker and not a religious leader who is not eligible to represent the entire Hindu community, instead, she continued that Ramesh Kumar is eligible to move a legislation against liquor trade in the assembly.

Sindh High Court Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah issued notices to all the parties in the case. He said that Hindu and Christian communities were ready for the ban on liquor but Muslims seem to be unwilling to accept the ban.Consequently, the Chief Justice of Sindh said that the court had listened to the arguments presented by both parties during previous hearings, and will continue to consider the case. He further said if required the court will also summon Hindu and Christian religious leaders for the assistance of the court, in this case.