Maha-Shivratri Special with Maha-Mantra ‘OM NAMAH SHIVAY’ in the Dynamic voice of Vijay Prakash


|| ॐ नमः शिवाय ||
Maha Shiv-Ratri Special 

KKNKTV presents “Om Namah Shivaya” Maha-Mantra of Maha Mahan Mahim Mahaeshwar (MMMM) – Lord Shiva in the Dynamic voice of Vijay Prakash, on the occasion of Maha-Shivaratri 2015 for us to Meditate on.  

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Title: “Om Namah Shivay”

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Suggestions and Requests: 1) Subscribe KKNKTV. 2) KKNKTV request you all to listen the song using a good sound system or with an earphone. Maha-shivaratri (Only Shiva is different): I feel that only Shiva is different because he immediately gives techniques, and no intellectual understanding, no intellectual introduction, because he knows that the mind is tricky, the most cunning thing possible. It can turn anything into a problem. Non-seeking will become the problem. There are people who come to me who ask how not to desire? They are desiring non-desire. Somebody has told them, or they have read somewhere, or they have heard spiritual gossip, that if you do not desire you will reach bliss, if you do not desire you will be free, if you do not desire there will be no suffering. Now their minds hanker to attain that state where there is no suffering, so they ask how not to desire. Their minds are playing tricks. They are still desiring, it is only that now the object has changed. They were desiring money, they were desiring fame, they were desiring prestige, they were desiring power. Now they are desiring non-desire.  Only the object has changed, and they remain the same and their desiring remains the same. But now the desire has become more deceptive. Because of this, Shiva proceeds immediately with no introduction whatsoever. He immediately starts talking about  techniques.Those techniques, if followed, suddenly turn your mind: it comes to the present. And when the mind comes to the present it stops, it is no more. You cannot be a mind in the present, that is impossible. Just now, if you are here and now, how can you be a mind? Thoughts cease because they cannot move.    The present has no space in which to move; you cannot think. If you are in this very moment, how can you move? Mind stops, you attain to no-mind. So the real thing is how to be here and now. You can try, but effort may prove futile — because if you make it a point to be in the present, then this point has moved into the future. When you ask how to be in the present, again you are asking about the future.  This moment is passing in the inquiry, “How to be present? How to be here and now?” This present moment is passing in the inquiry, and your mind will begin to weave and create dreams in the future: some day you will be in a state of mind where there is no movement, no motive, no seeking, and then there will be bliss — so how to be in the present?    Shiva doesn’t say anything about it, he simply gives a technique. You do it, and suddenly you find you are here and now. And your being here and now is the truth, and your being here and now is the freedom, and your being here and now is the nirvana.

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