Maharashtra govt. declares Dahi Handi an ‘adventurous sport’

Dahi_handi_2242413fThe State also intended to make it an international sport.

The Maharashtra government on Friday declared Dahi Handi ( Human pyramids formed on the occasion of Krishan Janmashtami) as “adventurous sport” in order to make it a safe sport .

Announcing the decision in the Maharashtra Assembly, State Education Minister Vinod Tawade said: “Dahi Handi is a traditional sport in Maharashtra. We respect this tradition. But we will try to make it a safe activity by formulating new rules and guidelines. We will ensure proper training for the participants and the use of all safety instruments.”

Mr.Tawade also said that the State Government intended to make Dahi Handi an international sport.

The Bombay High Court had banned the participation of children below 18 years of age in Dahi Handi in August this year citing fatal accidents at the events.

The Supreme Court, however, had reduced the age limit to 12 years and had asked the organizers to use proper safety measure at Dahi Handi events.

Source: The Hindu