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Gavyasidharcharya Niranjanbhai Varma

In ancient times, every Indian house would have a ‘gau’ (cow) to breed which made the entire country healthy and prosperous. Realizing this secret, Britishers made administrative policies or say, strategies with a foil plan to destroy the culture of gaupalan (Cow preservation). Unfortunately, after independence, pseudo-secular government continued with these policies. So, to make India prosperous once again, it is necessary to protect ‘gau’ and promote cattle-breeding. We (Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) have started a series of articles in our Sunday edition from now with an aim to educate people about ‘Gaumata’.

1. Establishment of Maharshi Vagbhat  Gaushala

Around 1994 to 1996, when I was the editor of a well-known daily, I met martyr Late Rajivbhai Dixit for the first time. Although gaumata is regarded as ‘laxmi’ (goddess of wealth) in our dharma, gaushalas in Bharat are run on donations. Still gaumatas (Cows) are not nurtured with proper care. This greatly pained Rajivbhai. He was of the opinion of improving this situation, it was important to make goshalas economically self-sufficient. With this in mind, I resigned from my job and came to a village called Katavakam in the district of Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. I got some land by the grace of gomata. Jagadguru Shankarachaya Jayendra Saraswati of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham offered to give 100 cows from their goshala of which I realised that there were only 4 cows of the Bharitya origin (of indigenous breed), others being Jersey, Holistan, Frijian etc. belonging to the foreign breeds. Thus, in November 1999, we began the goshala with 4 cows of bharitya breed given by Jagadguru Shankarachaya.

2. Use of Pânchagavya for a healthy disease-free life

It was possible to manage 50 cows without any financial assistance. Alongwith the gaushala, I started organic farming in 10 acres of land. Later as the number of cows increased, it became a little difficult to manage. Rajivbhai suggested that we should learn the science of treating patients withpanchagavya. My wife, Smt. Sangeeta, Gausiddhacharya (Panchagavya therapist), belonged to the family having a medical background and so, Rajivbhai sent her to Banjaridham gaushala in Raipur. Doctors in the goushala trained her for 4-5 days which she immediately grasped. When she told me about this, I did a deep study of the literature, right from vedas to books written by Vaidhya Ghagbhattari of the 10th century. I realized that there exists a deep scientific study behind use of  panchagavya in ancient Bharat. I was assertive that incurable disease could be successfully treated by the use of panchagavya.

3. ‘Panchagavya Gurukulum’ devoted to study and research of Bhartiya Gau (Indian Cows)

Although it is a well-known fact that Bhartiya Gau possesses miraculous medicinal power, till date not a single University has taken an initiative to teach the science behind the importance of gaumata. So, I developed a syllabus regarding this and approached many Universities. Despite two years of futile follow ups, not a single University showed any interest. But by the grace of gaumata, in 2012, ‘Bharat Sevak Samaj’, an organisation affiliated to Parliamentary Board of Indian government approved the syllabus. Today ‘Panchgavya Gurukulam’ is government-approved and anybody who completes this curriculum, is eligible to offer medical services based on panchagavya anywhere across the country.

4. Significance of  ‘Panchgavya Gurukulam’

  • Syllabus of’ Panchgavya Gurukulam’ is government approved.
  • University is devoted to the study and research of Bharitya gau (Indian Cows) as well as to developPanchagavya therapy following the gurukul system.
  • There are no conditions regarding language as long as it is an Indian language.
  • Use of English is not allowed.
  • There is no criterion regarding educational qualifications as there are different courses designed for those who have passed 12th, for those who have passed 10th and for those who have failed in 10th.
  • Fees are very nominal.
  • There are facilities like scholarship for economically backward students.
  • Syllabus includes Nadipariksha (Pulse Diagnosis), Nabhi Vigyan (Science of diagnosis of navel, Use of nabhi chakra for diagnosis), marm chikitsa  (therapeutic treatment of vital points using pressure and other therapies)
  • Courses run for 150 hours over 15 days 
  • Those gauvyasiddha who have successfully completed this course are eligible to offer medical services to patients (using panchagavya) anywhere in the country.
  • These gauvyasiddha can effectively cure seemingly incurable diseases like diabetics, hypertension and cancer.
  • Gauvyasiddha is also trained in diseases affecting cows, how to start a gaushala, how to manage a gaushala and organic farming.

With this training, gauvyasiddha can become self-sufficient  with little means.

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5. Activities of Maharshi Vagbhat gaushala

Presently, it has more than 125 gau (Cows) and is self sufficient. Following activities are carried out keeping the protection and welfare of gau as its prime aim.

1. To impart training in study and research regarding importance of gaumata : Since 2012, Panchagavya gurukulam is imparting scientific training in gauvigyan. 105 students have successfully completed the syllabus till September 2014.

2. To conduct research on Panchagavya : ‘Panchagavya Anusandhan Kendra’ affiliated to the gaushala is carrying out research on various aspects related to panchagavya. Research includes study of the effect of planets on gaumutra (cow urine), discover new medicines, to develop methods to check the effectiveness of gaumutra and also conduct research in the field of surgery based on panchagavya.

3. Free medical check ups through Panchagavya therapy clinics: Diseases like Diabetics, Hypertension, Thyroid, AIDS etc. which are considered as incurable are treated successfully in Panchagavya therapy clinics. Patients who are on allopathic medicine are asked to discontinue them. There are two centres of Panchagavya therapy clinics, one in Chennai and other in Katavakam where patients are offered free treatment. Panchagavya therapist (gauvyasiddha) certified from the gaushala are offering services in various locations across the country.

4. Spread the awareness of gauvigyan : Maharashi Vagbhat gaushala organises discourses on gauvigyanto create awareness as a result of which many gaushalas are becoming self sufficient, new gaushalas are established and people are looking forward to cattle-breeding. These discourses are also aimed at clarifyiying doubts regarding gaupalan, organic farming and panchagavya therapy.

5. Awareness through website : Our website is available in almost all Indian languages and provides extensive guidance through various articles on science and importance of gau (Cows). Facilities like free online consultations are also available. Gausiddha passed from gurukul are also updated with new information about panchagavya.

6. To give technical assistance to gaushalas : To make gaushalas self-sufficient, Maharshi Vagbhat gaushala renders technical assistance to gaushalas and also imparts training in manufacturing qualitative products out of cow urine and cow dung.

7. Promote organic farming : Providing assistance / guidance to farmers regarding organic farming and clarifying their doubts.

8. Annual programme – Panchagavya Medical Conference : With the aim to create awareness aboutgaumata, an annual ‘Panchagavya Medical Conference’ is organised on Kalbhairav Ashatmi which is the birth anniversary of Late Rajivbhai Dixit. Every year, this conference is held in different parts of the country and is attended in large numbers by Panchagavya therapists, Researchers in panchagavya therapy and those involved in activities of gauraksha (Cow protection). New research papers are read in the conference. Those patients who have been successfully cured by panchagavya therapy share their experiences. All products made out of panchagavya are exhibited. This conference also helps in developing rapport between people from different organizations involved in the cause of protecting gau.This year the conference will be organised at Sangli, Maharastra.

9. Future plans : ‘Panchagavya University’ : Although there is a vast science behind gau known from ancient times, no University has taken  any initiative regarding this. So, Maharshi Vagbhat Gaushala will soon establish an University that will impart knowledge about this. This University will be economically self-sufficient and will run without taking any donations. Mode of teaching will be based on gurukul system and research will be undertaken here.

– Gavyasidharcharya, Niranjanbhai Varma, Founder,
Maharshi Vagbhat Gaushala and Panchagavya Anusandan Kendra,
Katavakam, Kanchipura, Tamilnadu.

Gavyasidharcharya Niranjanbhai Varma is the founder of Maharshi Vagbhat Gaushala in Katavakam district in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu.

A staunch Hindu by nature, he is dedicated to research on panchagavya since past 15 years. Milk, buttermilk, ghee (clarified butter), gaumutra (cow urine) and gaumay (cow dung) from the Indian cows, altogether constitutes panchagavya. Niranjanbhai strives earnestly to bring awareness about science behind bhartiya gau across the country. He is a source of inspiration for more than 100 gausiddhas who are successfully treating diseases which seem incurable. Similarly, many gaushalas are becoming economically self-sufficient and many farmers have taken up organic farming. Shri Varma had participated in the Third All India Hindu Conference held in June 2014, in Ramnathi, Goa. He also offers assistance in activities of Sanatan Sanstha.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat