Mangaluru (Karnataka) : Hindu organizations protest against anti-Hindu Karnataka govt

Mangaluru (Karnataka) : The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), Bajrang Dal and other pro-Hindu outfits led by Sri Vishweshatirtha Swamiji of Pejawar Math and other swamijis held a protest here on Thursday January 1 against the state government for its ‘anti-Hindu’ policies.

A rally was taken out from Sharavu Temple to DC’s office, where a protest meet was held.

Addressing the protest, Pejawar Swamiji condemned the ‘anti-Hindu’ policies of the Congress government and said, “All Hindus should unite without any caste discrimination on this issue. The policies of the government are curbing religious freedom. The state government tabled the Bill to take control of Maths and temples but after everyone criticized the move, it stepped back. The government should withdraw this Bill immediately. Until then we will continue our protest.”

On the issue of conversion, he siad, “When Hindus were converted why did not anyone speak? Now it is as if the sky has fallen down. Is there different law for Hindus and minorties? When Hindus are converted forcibly no one raises a voice, no one talks. Let us stop conversion altogether and bring the anti-conversion law. But when we tell this to the government, it does not listen. No political party will support anti-conversion law. Is this justice for Hindus? Reconversion was started in the year 1962 in Udupi.”

“These are not policies of secularism. The real securalists are the saints and sages like us. We treat everyone as equals. The state government’s policy is a violation of secularism. Let worship centres of all religions be brought under the Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Act, but the state government is not agreeing to this. This is violation of secularism,” he added.

On the issue of cow slaughter he said, “Mahatma Gandhiji and Acharya Vinobha also opposed cow slaughtering. Even the Supreme Court has spoken against it. Even animals have the right to live. Why is there so much double standard on cow slaughter? It is inhuman and also affects the economy. The cow should be declared a national animal, then even terrorism will stop.

“Even the Congress is forming a Hindu organization, and I fully support this. We are not into any political party. Hindus are divided in the name of caste. Hindus are not fundamentalists, we are peace lovers. If Hindus unite we can face all problems,” Pejawar Swamiji said.

Sri Rajashekarananda Swamiji of Gurpur Vajradehi Math , “Today the Congress government has made Swamijis to come on the streets. It has only a few more years to provide good administration to the people. If it does not do so, the curse of swamijis will bring the Congress government to the streets.

“The state government is targetting the Hindus. Is this secularism? Your (state government’s) ‘secular’ administration has been exposed to the whole country. It is clear that you are trying to curb the Hindu society. If this continues we will internsify this protest into a mass campaign,” he warned.

Sri Gurudevananda Swamiji of Shree Kshetra Odiyoor said, “Hindus are being attacked from all sides. Maths and temples the roots of Hindu Samaj. We should come forward to condemn any move from government to control them. We shiould protect our dharma and contemplate on the anti-Hindu policies of the government.”

Sri Esha Vittaldasa Swamiji of Kemar Saandeepani Saadana Ashram also spoke on the occasion and pledged his support to the movement.

VHP leader M B Puranik in his keynote address said, “Swamijis are the energy of the nation. The state government is following an anti-Hindu strategy with the intention of curbing the Hindu Samaj. But the Hindu Samaj is like a beehive, and by putting its hand into this, the government has stirred the beehive. We should condemn such anti-Hindu attitude unitedly.”

Sri Ramananda Swamiji of Kolya Math, Sri Mohandas Swamiji of Manila Shree Mahalakshmi Kshetra, and others were present.

Source : Daiji World