New Delhi, September 11, 2013 – The stalking andfelonious behaviour of the ‘Love Jihadis’ with a Hindu girl student returningfrom her Kisaan Inter-College was the immediate provocation for the graveincidents that took place at the Kawal village of Muzaffarnagar in UttarPradesh on 27th August, 2013. The root cause is the Lust Jihad beingconducted under the garb of Muslim religion. This incident gave birth to theconvening of the “Bahu, Beti Bachao” (“Save Women and Daughters”) MahaPanchayat. When the society could no longer bear the ‘Love Jihadists’ outragingthe modesty and dignity of Hindu women and girls in rural and urban areas ofU.P. the corrective movement in the form of the “Bahu. Beti BachaoMahapanchayat” came into being.


A number ofnewspapers, news agencies and electronic media channels have been trying tohide these facts for reasons best known to them. Why was this movement banneredas “Bahu, Beti Bachao Andolan”? When the Love Jihadis in the rabidly pro-MuslimGovernment of Mulayam Singh found themselves to be above law and conductedthemselves accorongly, that compelled the Hindu society to stand on its ownfeet to safeguard itself. The Love Jihad is not only targeting Bharat (India)and Hindus but also Buddhists and Christians everywhere in the world. Thesegodless Lust Jihadis donning the garb of Muslim religion as a major weaponhave, for the last half a century, been targeting the Hindu girls, women, girl students.During the last parliamentary elections the Hindu women had put this problembefore Sri Varun Gandhi for an answer as to how to save themselves from theseJihadis.

A solution tothis problem has to be found in the said context only. On 27th August,2013, Gaurav and Sachin – the two brothers of the victim girl student – werehacked to death by Jihadists and then on 30thAugust, 2013 a hugemeeting in support of the Jihadists was allowed to be held in Muzaffarnagar inspite of the curfew under 144 CrPC in place and the family of the victims wasaccused for all the incidents of Kawal. This laxity on the part of thegovernment emboldening the Jihadists added fuel to the fire infuriating thevictims which led to the convening of the “Bahu, Batiyaan Bachao” MahaPanchayat. As a consequence of government support to Jihadists the sparks andfire spread to the entire district and slaughters and arsons took place invillages and urban areas. The Hindus and Muslims had been living in harmony,peace and love all these decades, but the lustful Jihadis made them enemies inno time.

A lesson to belearnt from all these incidents is that a legal ban on Love Jihadis needs to beimposed and the law strictly followed and also the murderer Love Jihadisinvolved in these incidents given exemplary punishment, otherwise theself-respecting Hindu, even if unwillingly, has to take the responsibility ofself-protection into his/her own hands, which would be a matter of shame andsuicidal for a government formed under systems of law and constitution.

The state ofaffairs has come to such a pass that the people have lost all confidence in theChief Minister Akhilesh Singh government. They also have a compelling feelingthat this government is celebrating and emboldening the Love Jihadis on the onehand and crushing the 84-Kosi Parikrama on the other which is why the Hindusociety can expect any semblance of justice if this government is dismissedforthwith.

Released by

(Prakash Sharma)


Spokesperson, VishvaHindu Parishad