Missionaries trying to propagate Christianity during Hindu Festivals in India

Missionaries try to propagate Christianity during ‘Shri Bharadi Devi Yatra’ at Sindhudurga.

religious_conversionDSP News | Malwan | February 28. 2016:: Millions of devotees attended ‘Shri. Bharadi Devi Yatra’ of Anganewadi-Masure, in Malwan Taluka in Sindhu-durga District known as South Konkan’s Kashi; even then, on 25th February, few Christians distributed handbills spreading Christianity taking advantage of the huge number of people attending this pilgrimage. Local devout Hindus and members of Devasthan Committee confiscated the handbills as they heard about attempts by Christian missionaries propagating Christianity. They also warned the anti-Hindu missionaries over loudspeakers to stop their activities. Later, it was observed that they stopped their attempts. (Such missionaries will not dare to do such things if stringent action is taken against them ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

It was mentioned in the hand bills under the heading ‘Get relief from all troubles and be happy by praying to Jesus’. (Why these missionaries tell devotees of Shri Bharadi Devi who have spiritual experiences of the Goddess going to their rescue ? Hindus should firmly tell Christians that their Deities are capable of solving Hindus’ problems ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) In the handbills, photos of few Hindus have been published with their names and their experiences after praying to Jesus; thus misleading Hindus. There are some contact numbers printed on these handbills for more information and prayers.

Source and Courtesy: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat.


Source: http://hinduexistence.org/2016/02/28/missionaries-are-trying-to-propagate-christianity-during-hindu-festivals-in-india/