More than 18000 Hindus attend Hindu Dharma Awareness (Dharmajagruti) Meeting in Maharastra

Generation should be born from the soil of ‘Bharatmata’ that will revolt for protection of Dharma ! – Shri. Dhananjay Desai

From left : Pujya Nandkumar Jadhav; Shri. Sunil Ghanvat; Shri. Dhananjay Desai; Adv. Sanjiv Punalekar

Jalgaon (Maharashtra) : “Hindus now need to perform ‘puja’ for ‘Dharma-kranti’ along with ‘puja’ for peace. Today, Indian voters have to stage agitation against rulers of this country; but they will have to be shown their right place in the forthcoming elections to bring about change in this situation. Every Hindu needs to keep away from communal politics and elect a candidate who would work in the interest of Hindus. Today’s young generation should be such that it will strive for protection of Dharma, rather than being under influence of addictions or going after young women. A generation needs to be born from the soil of Bharatmata that will revolt for protection of Dharma. There was only one ‘Jaanata (wise) Raja’. The present ‘Jaante Raje’ are just impotent bulls. Such worthless persons cannot be ‘Jaanata Raja,” criticized Shri. Dhananjay Desai, the Founder-President of ‘Hindu Rashtra Sena’ while addressing Hindu ‘Dharmajagruti Sabha (sabha)’ on 26th January 2014 held at ‘Shivateertha Ground’ here. This ‘sabha’ was attended by more than 18000 devout Hindus.

The ‘sabha’ was started with blowing of conch, followed with lighting of lamp by Pujya Nandkumar Jadhav, Sanatan Sanstha’s Saint. Advocate Sanjeev Punalekar, national Secretary of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada’ and Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, Maharashtra State Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) shared the dais with Shri. Dhananjay Desai. ‘Vedamurty’, Shri. Rajabhau Joshi of ‘Sharada Vedapathashala’ and his group recited ‘Veda-mantras’ and were felicitated by advocate Pankaj Patil, a devout pro-Hindu activist. Shri. Sudhir Tavare of HJS presented a review of HJS activities and the program was compeered by Kum. Priyanka Lone and Shri. Gajanan Keskar.

Felicitation of speakers on dais

H.B.P. Chandrashekhar Maharaj from Shirsoli felicitated Pujya Nandkumar Jadhav of Sanatan. Shri. Vasant Patil of HJS felicitated advocate Sanjeev Punalekar, national Secretary of Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada, Shri. Dhananjay Desai, the Founder- President of ‘Hindu Rashtra Sena’ and Shri. Sunil Ghanavat, Maharashtra State Coordinator of HJS. Sou. Sunanda Patil from Jalgaon felicitated Sanatan’s Pujya (Kum.) Swati Khadye present for the ‘sabha’.

Inspiring thoughts expressed by dignitaries

Establishment of righteous Hindu Rashtra is a duty towards nation and Dharma ! – Pujya Nandkumar Jadhav, Sanatan Sanstha

It is necessary to establish righteous governance and it cannot be achieved by just holding elections; but all of us need to abide by Dharma. Sanatan’s innocence has been proved still Sanatan seekers are being interrogated by police. Ban on Sanatan, defamation of Saints is a conspiracy for eliminating Hindu Dharma; but we will not tolerate such injustice. It is a matter of concern that India stands first in export of beef. In the present times, it is necessary to stop love-jihad, land-jihad etc. The Government has no money for constructing Warakari Bhavan; but has money for extending grants for madarasas, honorarium to maulavis and Haj pilgrimage.

We don’t want ‘Chand (moon)-Tara (star)’ on saffron flag ! – advocate Sanjeev Punalekar, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishada

Bomb blasts occurred in every part of this country; but during riots after ‘Godhra’ massacre in Gujarat, why bomb blast did not take place ? Nikhil Wagle is indulging in ‘yellow’ journalism; Dharma is not his subject. Dr. Dabholkar was conferred ‘Padmashri’ award posthumously; but had he lived, he would have been sent to jail for corruption cases filed against him; so in a way, God has saved him. We want only saffron flag without ‘Chand-Tara’ on it. We will fight cases for innocent Hindu youth implicated in bomb blast cases for their innocence and if they are not innocent, we will still fight their case because they are devout Hindus.

Hindu Rashtra is my birthright and I will have it ! – Shri. Sunil Ganavat, HJS

This country got freedom due to revolutionaries like Swatantryaveer Savarkar and not because of Gandhi. He was Rashtrapita but for Pakistan since he was responsible for creation of Pakistan and we are suffering for its adverse effects. If Hindu refugees from Pakistan are not given shelter, devout Hindus from Jalgaon will offer them shelter. If the Government creates obstacles in this, such Government will not get shelter anywhere. HJS will be soon starting movement for closing slaughter-houses at Shirsoli and Bhusaval (Dist. Jalgaon) and for handing over ancient ‘Pandav Wada’ to Hindus. Akbar Owaisi, who is trying to come to ‘Kanha-Desh’, will not be allowed to enter.  Let us present a picture depicting slaying of Afzal Khan to Government representatives whenever they visit us as they are responsible for removal of lesson on Afzal Khan’s slaying from history text books and let us wear shirts with picture of Afzal Khan’s slaying printed on the back of these shirts.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat