Movie Made on Swami Chinmayananda

Swami-Chinmayananda-SaraswatiNEW YORK, U.S., April 11, 2015 (Indian Panorama by Chandni Trivedi): Swami Chinmayananda was one of the world’s most renowned and revered exponents of Vedanta, the foundation of Hindu religion and culture. His life is a story of an unconventional seeker — a mischievous child, a rebellious youth, a revolutionary freedom fighter, a witty journalist and even a daring atheist. The movie, “On a Quest” made on the life and vision of Swami Chinmayananda is worth watching. It is not a religious film but a story about transformation and the quest for truth.

Made by the Chinmaya Mission to mark the birth centenary celebrations of Swami Chinmayananda, the two-hour film directed by noted Director R.S. Prasanna very succinctly brings to life the journey of the young atheist Balakrishna Menon as he transforms from being a fiery revolutionary, sceptical academician, questioning journalist into a seeker with an ardent quest for the truth finally becoming a visionary master carrying the message of the rishis to the masses across the world.

Source: Hinduism Today