Musings on the Future of Hindu Temples under HR & CE Department !

For 50 years or more , the term HR&CE Admn. Dept. has been mis- interpreted, mis-used used and abused by diehard anti-Hindus. The words “Religious” and “Charitable” are only adjectives of the word endowments. There is no mention of temples.

The HR&CE Admn.  Dept’s domain is confined to endowments.  It has no jurisdiction over the functioning or administration of the temples. While the Govt. pokes not even in the endowments of the minorities,  it is a clear case of  interference in  and violation of the liberty  of the majority community under article 26 of Indian Constitution. It is strange that the main stream Hindu Organizations have not joined the struggle to liberate the Hindu Temples from mismanagement of a corrupt Government department.

The Britishers raised the bogey of anarchy to hide their unwillingness to handover India to    Indians. Yet, India has not perished in 66 years (since 1947) . History has exposed the desire of Britain to rule the countries colonized by means fair & foul. [The HR & CE is a remnant colonial vestige that has not fallen off of its own.]

The former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Mr.M.Karunanidhi, who is keen to take over of the Chidambaram Temple that belongs to the Dikshitars, by using the bogey of mismanagement , has created a ‘struggle front’ by using a stooge called Arumughasami.

It is doubtful how the likes of Arumughasami, could pay the fees of a high profile lawyer like Colin Gonslves, a Christian,   raised the bogey of  the minority denominational status of the Deekshitars in the Court?

Likewise, the HR & CE Dept. in TN is raising a Spectre of mismanagement of temples to delay  the handing over  of the management of temples to an autonomous body. During the appointment of IAS officers to head the Dept. there was at least one saving grace. With the Democle’s sword of sudden transfers hanging over them, the IAS Officers thought  twice before taking any crucial decision.

Now, the appointment of HR &CE staffer as head has turned the status of temples further bad. Like Indians ruling India in pre -British India village-level teams of Hindus can & will better the future of temples.

Cases are cooked up against Deekshitars to divert public attention  (Indian Express Dec. 7th) . While apex bodies of most Depts. have built- in Internal probing Internal Audit system why special judicial powers to HR&CE Dept.?

A litigant giving judgment is a mockery of Indian Judiciary.

Claims by the HR&CE Dept. about the numbers of temples under its Controls are inconsistent. Records of how each temple came under its control is not available.   While census of India 1961 books on TN could provide around 20 facts about each temple it is ridiculous, that in computer Digital age the HR&CE Dept does not publish all available facts of temples claimed as under its control.

Similar and  more factors not only disqualify HR&CE Dept from controlling Temples but also attract action against it by the SC.

Source: Haindava Keralam