Narendra Modi to reach Hindu destinations in Dhaka, but will Modi ask these matters to Hasina? – Upananda Brahmachari


Is Narendra Modi’s visit to Hindu destinations in Dhaka just a show or he is hinting to address the matters relating to the peril and persecution of Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh? 

Will Modi ask these matters to Hasina?

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Ramana Kali Temple  and Anandamoyee Maa Ashram Dhaka before 27 March 1971HENB | Haridwar | June 1, 2015:: The visit of Indian Prime Minister, Sri Naraendra Modi 0n June 6-7 in Bangladesh and his scheduled meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, raised a new hope for the Hindu and Buddhist minorities living in Bangladesh with an acute situation [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11a] [11b] [11c] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21]… under the Islamic persecution there.

Once a part of undivided Bharat i.e. India, Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) had a Hindu population around 25% (not less than that) in between 1947, the year of partition and 1971, the independence of Bangladesh. But, in the turn of the wheel, the Hindu population has come down to 8% only due to the onslaught and the severe persecution upon the Hindus by the political goons of both BNP, Awami League and the Islamists reigning there. Hindus and Buddhists are being treated there as third class citizens while their contribution in Bangladesh Liberation War was heroic and much commendable.

The present trip of Narendra  Modi in Bangladesh is mainly designed to accord Land Boundary Treaty (LBT) between India and Bangladesh, MOU on Prevention of Human Trafficking and Some ban strategies on Terrorist activism in both the countries. The matter of Teesta Water Treaty has been dropped from the agenda in this trip. But, the Hindus, Buddhists and the fearing minority people in Bangladesh  aspires a hope that Modi will speak for their acute persecution out of agenda. Will he even speak for the 49 Million Hindus Missing From Bangladesh Census due to Islamic atrocities?

Bangladesh Hindu Persecution

Actually, the predecessors of Modi in Delhi, i.e.  the culpable Congress never  took it seriously the matter of Hindu persecution in Bangladesh in its deadliest situation. Everyday thousands of Hindus are persecuted, thrashed, uprooted, looted, humiliated, abducted, converted, raped, murdered; hundreds of cases registered in the police stations in every months; cases filed by the Human Rights Forums; but the fate of the victims flow only towards a Hinduless Bangladesh eventually. Even then minority people in Bangladesh including the Hindus, Buddhists, Christians hope a new phase of life in the advent of Modi’s visit in Bangladesh as their saviour.

It is a good news that Modi will visit Dhakeswari National Temple and Ramakrishna Math and Mission there, but why he will not pay homage to Ramna Kali Bari which was destroyed by the Khan regiment by rampant shelling March 27, 1971. Modi must reach Ramna Kali Bari premises to take a vow to protect the persecuted Hindus in Bangladesh as a holy duty entrusted upon him. The PMO and the External Affairs Ministry of India should arrange the meetings of visiting Modi with the Hindu MPs of Bangladesh and the HR groups working there for the purpose of saving the minorities in Bangladesh.

Killing After Killing

In this context Modi must address the following the matters in right forums and ask Hasina to stop atrocities on Bangladesh minorities?

  1. Why the numbers of minorities including Hindus are declining so fast and dangerously in Bangladesh?
  2. Why the Bangladesh Govt. is not restoring the original ethos and ideal of  Bangladesh Constitutions as of 1971?
  3. Why the Enemy Properties Act is still in force in other name to capture Hindu properties in a culpable manner?
  4. Why the restoration of Ramna Kali bari is still pending? Why there are no special provisions to protect the worship places of minorities in BD?
  5. Why the bloggers and the Human Rights activists are killed in publicly and being threatened to be killed?
  6. Why the demographic changes are conspired in the Hindu-Buddhist dominated upazillas (sub-districts) and blocks including Chittagong Hill regions?
  7. Why beef is being served in the convicted and under trial  persons belonging to non-Islamic faith in jail custody in BD?
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    Why the cases relating to the persecutions upon minorities are not being processed under fast track courts?

  9. Why the development programmes for the minorities and rehabilitation programmes  for the persecuted and evicted minority peoples are not properly in force?
  10. Why the Taliban, Islamist and ISIS activism are ringing high in Bangladesh day by day?

BD counterpart of Modi, Mrs Sheikh Hasina will have to face a lot of embarrassment to answer all these questions. And these are more important matters than the Hilsa fish for WB Hindus or the Teesta water for Bangladeshi people, while  But, the answers are only expected when Indian PM Modi will ask those favourably to share the perils of his Bangladeshi Hindu-Buddhist-Minority brothers and sisters, still numbering more than one crore, eagerly waiting for his visit to Bangladesh.

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