Nepal comes out guns blazing for Hindu Rashtra

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Nepalese  citizens are coming out all guns blazing for the restoration of Hindu Rashta in NEPAL. Almost all Muslim communities in the state are supporting the Hindu organizations and spiritual leaders in fighting for reinstating Nepal as the Hindu country.

  ‘It is only by restoring to its original religion we can live in peace. The motive of declaring Nepal as a secular state is totally a misfit.  This has already posed a serious threat to the nation. The social disharmony, communal chaos and disintegration of the provinces, which have so far been existing with great cultural cohesion and respect, will be destabilizing the country —— retorts Babu Khan Pathan, chairperson of the Rastrabadi Muslim Manch of Nepalgunj.  


Prem Nidhi Bharadhwaj, a key coordinator of Nepal Hindu Rashtra laments — how on earth has a Hindu religion become a sore point with the political leaders of NEPAL which uphold the universal tenets of ‘Vasudeva Kutumbakan’ and ‘Sarve bhavantu shukhina’?  Some external forces must have muted our political leaders who now fail to safeguard the culture and religious ethos of the country.  

‘Now we shall not back out. We have determined to fight unfalteringly for our identity and religious harmony in Nepal where was born several mystic seers and also Gautam Buddha’ assets with conviction a renowned spiritual leader and scholar Shri Chintamani Yogi. He heads a several welfare organizations and spiritual centers in Nepal.

One finds it very paradoxical that the countries, like India and Nepal, with their fathomless spiritual treatises and the rich and secular spiritual heritage make green pastures for the other faiths with relatively very less religions literatures and without much spiritually disciplines to dive within. The Father of Quantum Mechanics Erwin Schrodinger has aptly alerted the western world about the richness of the Eastern philosophy by his famous proclamation — ‘Some blood transmutation from the East (INDIA) to the West is a must to save the Western science from spiritual anemia.’ But at home the Hindus denigrate Hindu values and spiritual wisdom as a load myths and fall for the belief systems of the far off lands.


Source: WHN Media Network

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