New access to Hindu temple innaugrated

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo yesterday officially opened the new accessible entrance to the Hindu Temple and attended a reception held in his honour.
Greeted by former speaker of Parliament Haresh Budhrani and many members of Gibraltar’s Hindu community, Mr Picardo was joined by Minister for Equality, Samantha Sacramento. As part of the evening events, Mr Picardo unveiled a plaque and took part in a Hindu version of cutting the ribbon before he entered the temple. Mr Picardo and Ms Sacramento were welcomed into the temple. An Aarti – a Hindu ritual of worship, where lighted wicks are waved around a person in a spirit of humility and gratitude – to venerate Mr Picardo came next before a garland was draped around his neck. To finish the welcoming Mr Picardo lit a lamp. He commented that it was his first time inside the temple and asked many questions about his unfamiliar surroundings.

Source: Gibraltar Chronicle