New English Translations of Saiva Agamas Posted On-Line

downloadKAUAI, HAWAII, February 15, 2015 (HPI): Hinduism Today and Kauai Aadheenam are pleased to announce the posting of key Saiva Agamas translated to English by Dr. S.P. Sabharathanam Sivacharyar of Chennai over the last several years. Available at “source” above is the entire translation of part one, Purva Pada, of the Kamika Agama, most of part two, Uttara Pada, the Vidya Pada or knowledge sections of Raurava, Pauskara, Mrgendra and Matanga Agamas and the Yoga Pada of Sarvajnanottara Agama. None of these have been translated to English previously. Each is a key scripture of Saiva Siddhanta or Tamil Saivism. 

The Kamika covers a large array of topics regarding the temple, from site selection, design and construction though dedication, daily puja and yearly festivals. It also covers village and residence design, various forms of initiation and much more. This is the key Agama for Saivite temple worship.

The other Agamas are largely philosophical in topic. Typical is the revered Sarvajnanottara Agama. Its chapters are: Treatise on Yoga, Direct Blissful Experience of Absolute Oneness with Siva, Nature of the Physical Self, Nature of the Inner Self, Nature of the Self Associated with Tattvas, Nature of the Self in the Form of Mantra and Nature of the Supreme Self.

On this auspicious day of Maha Sivaratri, 2015, what more could one need?

Source: Hinduism Today