New Jersey, Hindu Jewish Coalition Entrepreneurial Success Meeting

The Hindu Jewish Coalition is delighted to invite you to a dinner event on Creating an Environment for Entrepreneurial Success.  This is an event for entrepreneurs and those who aspire to be one!  Serial entrepreneur, business advisor and attorney Mukesh Patel will moderate a panel discussion between award-winning entrepreneur Navneet Puri and experienced investor Jesse Treu. 

  • Dr. Navneet Puri is a 2015 New Jersey E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year awardee and just completed the successful sale of his company Innopharma to Pfizer.
  • Dr. Jesse Treu is a Founding Partner at Domain Associates, a Princeton-based venture capital firm that has a successful portfolio of over 250 companies including several that have gone public.
  • Mukesh Patel is the Cofounder of, New Jersey’s largest coworking space and startup incubator based in Somerset,NJ.

Come and learn about the ins and outs of starting, building, funding, growing and exiting an entrepreneurial venture from this 5-star panel:


When:  Wednesday, September 16th, 7 pm – 9 pm

Where: The Pind Restaurant (, 4591 Route 27, Kingston, NJ 08528

Register here


We look forward to seeing you there!


Marc Citron, Raghu Rao, Michael Feldstein and Rajiv Malhotra


​The mission of the Hindu Jewish Coalition is to build meaningful relationships between Hindu and Jewish communities on shared interests in business, political, religious, social, and other relevant areas through ongoing communications, meetings, events, and advocacy activities.





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Dear Mike,


Please send me the event on 16th, even if I cannot make it, I can pass it on.




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Dear Satya,

This is interesting, but the timing is not good.  The notice is too short, and Sunday through Tuesday is a major Jewish holiday so I do not think we can rally any participation while he is in the NY area. 


And on the 16th we are having a Hindu-Jewish event in Princeton on Entrepreneurism.  Can you join us for that?


Best regards,




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Subject: To Phyllis Chesler and Jewish activists: Press Release: Visit of Tapan Ghosh to US. Invitation to the Jewish community and the Media
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Dear Phyllis,


Hope all is well with you.   We have among us Tapan Ghosh from West Bengal India whom I understand you had interviewed many years ago.   As you know, Tapan has been a great supporter of Israel and has held rally in India of 20,000 crowd in support of Israel (see details with pictured of that rally below). 


Tapan is person leading the struggle against Islamists in West Bengal state of India, kidnapping of our daughters (28,000 in just one year alone per UN report) and you might have already known about recent major event where a kidnapped girl case caught international attention and was rescued.  Most of the minor girls are picked off streets and sold into prostitution in India and Middle East.


I am giving below, an appeal from Peggy Shapiro from Stand With US, Chicago to Jewish community as well as Tapan’s bio.  If there is anything Jewish media in the area can do to interview him it would be good.  


Tapan Ghosh will be in NJ/NY until Wednesday (9/16) and in USA until Sept 27th.   I can be reached at 7329392060.





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Subject: Latest: Press Release: Visit of Tapan Ghosh to US. Invitation to the Jewish community and the Media
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From: SaveWestBengalDaughters


Contact No: 732-939-2060


Tapan Kumar Ghosh’s visit to USA- Invitation to the Jewish Community

Namaste Shalom, 

         In the light of a global turmoil and the voice of indigenous people representing ancient civilizations being shunted out , the unity among those representing these ancient civilizations is of enormous importance. Islamic fundamentalism is endangering each one of us worldwide whether it is coming from ISIS or indoctrinated regimes. A voice of such Unity among Hindus  is Tapan Kr. Ghosh. Tapan da has spent his lifetime rescuing girls in West Bengal , India who have been kidnapped, raped, converted and sold. Recently he saved a 14 yr old minor girl called Tuktuki Mondal kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists and reunited her with her parents. Her story made international headlines.

Being a voice of reason, last year he also helped to organize a major pro-Israel rally with 20,000 people during the Gaza crisis in August, 2014. The largest such rally outside Israel. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs all took part in the rally. In his words , India and Israel though being surrounded by tough neighbors are United in Peace. The values of democracy, gender equality and mutual respect is what binds the Hindu and the Jewish communities. We value life more than death and that’s what unites us all. 

Below is Tapan da’s pro-Israel rally speech – link – where he says that the Right of Israel to exist is unquestionable. Jews worldwide find themselves vulnerable just like Hindus

Rally articles:

We request the Jewish community to come and interact with Tapan da, if possible,  while he is in US. He is a source of inspiration to many in India and a strong proponent of a United front against demonic forces threatening us all. His schedule is in the attachment as a pdf. Please help spread this word in the media as well so that the cause of the kidnapped daughters of West Bengal can be helped and the cause of Hindu-Jewish friendship worldwide can be promoted.


Happy Rosh Hashanah, 

Toda Raba, 





On Thursday, September 10, 2015, Souptik Mukherjee <> wrote:


Tapan Kr. Ghosh – President and Founder of Hindu Samhati


Tapan Kr. Ghosh , President and founder of Hindu Samhati,  has spent his lifetime rescuing daughters in West Bengal , India who have been kidnapped, raped, converted and sold. Recently he saved a 14 yr old minor daughter called Tuktuki Mondal kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists and reunited her with her parents. Her story made international headlines.


However Tuktuki’s case also  helped to highlight the cause of 20,000 + daughters getting kidnapped, raped, converted and trafficked every year. According to United Nations in 2010  alone 28,000 children and women were kidnapped from West Bengal. To bring to the world’s attention to the cause of West Bengal’s missing children , Tapan Ghosh, Founder and President of Hindu Samhati is coming to US. It was Hindu Samhati which helped to give shelter to Tuktuki’s parents and fight for her release. He will be in US from 10th to 27th September. Apart from saving Tuktuki , Sri Tapan Ghosh and Hindu Samhati have helped to save many other daughters in similar circumstances in the last 7 years since the formation of Hindu Samhati.  


Also Hindu Samhati volunteers show tremendous courage on ground to report any violation of Hindu Rights in West Bengal and in districts where Hindus have already become minorities. They are always the first responders whenever any organized attacks on the Hindu community gets reported. In the last 4 years 34 such incidents have been reported. They serve the suffering people, give them moral and material support to stay strong. In the process they show tremendous courage at the risk of their lives and help to preserve the Hindu Civilization inWest Bengal . Hindu Samhati led by Tapan da, works 360 days with these suffering communities,in a non-political way but often without support and despite extreme hindrance from the administration. 


Tapan during his entire life has served the Hindus throughout Bharat, However he has brought to this generation a very powerful message of Global Hindu Unity and Global Dharmic Activism coupled with Selfless Service. As a monk, following Swami Vivekananda, he has personally lived that life through examples. He has often said that the pain of a  suffering Hindu in remote non-discript village has to be felt by Hindus in America and elsewhere. Hindu Samhati’s goal is to take the voice of the suffering Hindus , rich or poor, to the Global Audience  and help them get relief from the pain. Achieving Global Dharmic Unity and through Selfless Service for the community he believes can solve much of the problems that  threatens the Hindus today. Uniting large sections of the Hindu society in Bengal and Assam , Hindu Samhati led by Tapan da has given Global Dharmic Activism a new sense of hope and a strategy that now can be scaled up to help preserve the Hindu civilization in Bharat and save vital Hindu lives. 


Tapan da has also been a very strong proponent of gender equality and the rights of women too. Islamic Fundamentalism world over is a war on women and therefore empowering women, making them feel that they are not alone in this fight has been one of the goals of Hindu Samhati and Tapan da’s effort. In this regard , Hindu Samhati has a dedicated women’s team to spearhead the cause of Hindu women on ground.



NewsX Interview with parents of Tuktuki Mandal & Devdutta Maji, VP of Hindu Samhati



NewsX Interview with parents of Tuktuki Mandal & Devdutta Maji, VP of Hindu Samhati

Hindu Samhati’s  Assam Effort 


Hindu Samhati representatives went to Assam and campaigned hard to bring the plight of the Hindus there to the Global Stage. Almost 10 million Hindus were affected and were to be sent to detention camps, deported to Bangladesh to be converted or killed there. It resulted in the central Government bringing a notification  saying no Hindus need to go back to Bangladesh , those who came before Dec, 2014


Appeal of Hindu Bengalis in Assam to the Indian Govt. and All Global Hindus


Hindu Samhati standing with Hindus suffering from Ethnic cleansing


Do you remember Panchagram?
There 30 houses of SC Hindus have been looted and totally gutted by the Muslim Fundamentalists on 24 June. After that destruction, many families from Barpara and adjacent Baganipara already migrated from the village. Many other Hindu families are in process. These people feel that nobody is there to help them if they are attacked by the goons of powerful don Selim Laskar.…/articleshow/2557479.cms…. [ Police believe Khora Badshah (hooch killer of 173 people) was the frontman of dreaded South 24-Parganas criminal Selim Laskar, who was earlier arrested by CID from Geokhali.…/articlesh…/11249359.cms?]
We are extremely disturbed for the plight and low morale of the Hindus of this area. Hence, to raise there morale, we arranged some relief material distribution in the devastated Barpara of Panchagram. 
Today, Hindu Samhati team led by Sujit Maity along with Sundar Gopal Das, Rajkumar Sardar & Toton Ojha went there distribute relief materials. In Barpara relief materials have been distributed among 110 families. Each packet contained rice, dal, sugar, potato, mustard oil & one sharee. 
Kolkata Shree Salasar Bhaktvrinda cooperated in this program.





Hindu Samhati standing as the vanguard of gender equality in West Bengal


With the Women Footballers – giving them encouragement – after a Fatwa banned a women’s football match




Standing with the tribal Hindus reeling under Islamic fundamentalism


HINDU SAMHATI Siliguri Branch started its journey in the period of Maha Sashthi during sacred Navaratra. Report from Siliguri :
Today we Hindu Samhati Siliguri unit set off our journey with the spirit of selfless service that our Sanatana Dharma teaches us. Today we have successfully distributed 160 new cloths amongst the poor adivashi (tribal) people at Joypur Tea Estate in Jalpaiguri. Unlike some other faith groups we have distributed without any kind of religious discrimination. We also talked with local Munda people who, despite their severe poverty, still staunch followers of Sanatan Dharma and we have promised them along with other Nepali, Rajbanshi and Bengali Hindus to provide them with winter cloths and free medical assistance. Our respected teacher Prasanta Paul today mentioned the local problems related to the local poor Hindus in his speech and our another speaker Bhaskar Dey raised serious issues like religious conversions by missionaries and preservation of their indigenous culture. We received very good response from Adivashi people.



Protest against ISIS

Hindu Samhati’s Tapan Kumar Ghosh: A Lifelong Journey Full Of Struggle For The Hindus 


Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh is the founder of Hindu Samhati, a new Hindu grassroots organisation that has created a much needed resistance inWest Bengal against a wave of Islamic encroachment and aggression that we are all aware of. 

Since the dark days of the Emergency, Sri Tapan Kumar Ghosh has been a full-time Hindu activist, community organizer and human rights campaigner for the past 36 years.

Sri Ghosh has been a RSS Swayamsevak from the early age of 13 and has been a Pracharak since 1976. He trained under the eminent personalities of Sri Guruji Golwalkar and Sri Bhaurao-ji Deoras.

In 1975, Sri Ghosh had plunged into the Satyagraha (led by Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan) against the draconian Emergency. He courted civil arrest and was imprisoned for 3 months in Alipore Presidency Jail in Kolkata.

As Pracharak, Sri Ghosh was assigned as Burdwan District Organiser of RSS from 1976 to 1981. During this period, for the first time he directly saw the atrocities of the Islamic fundamentalists upon Hindus in rural Bengal. His first struggle against might, clout and criminality started in the villages of Purbasthali P.S. of Burdwan dist. Finally Hindus won the battle. Criminality of Muslim fundamentalists had bow down their head. In fact, this struggle and victory formed the basis of BJP’s popularity in Purbasthali area.

For 6 months he was in charge of Bankura district, and for one year he was in charge of South 24 Parganas district. Then in the end of 1982, Sri Ghosh was given responsibility of West Bengal State Organising Secretary of ABVP, the premier student organization of Bharat. Those were the tumultuous days of Assam Movement. Sri Ghosh successfully coordinated between Assam and rest of Bharat. One milestone of the movement was a “National Covention on Infiltration” on 12-13 February in Kolkata attended by Justice H. R. Khanna, Ram Jethmalani, Prafulla Mahanta, Bal Apte and others.

In July 1986, Sri Ghosh returned back to RSS (after about a 12 year stint in ABVP), and was given twin responsibilities of Vibhag Pracharak (of 2 districts: Howrah and Hooghly) and Prant Prachar Pramukh. 

After a successful effort to close a large cattle-slaughterhouse in Howrah, he was given the responsibility to 24 Parganas as Vibhag Pracharak. This Vibhag consists of 2 districts viz. North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas. 

In Basanti block in South 24 Parganas District, he led the direct resistance action in Sonakhali which was initially triggered by the deaths of 4 Hindu activists. Sri Ashok Singhal ji personally visited the district to commend the Hindu resistance. 

Sri.Ghosh was requested to go to Delhi in July 2001, with the new responsibility of North Zonal-in-charge of the VHP youth wing (Bajrang Dal). He was in-charge of 5 states: Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

Sri Tapan Ghosh served as Bajrang Dal’s North Zonal head (Indraprastha Kshetra Samyojak) for 4 years until July 2005.

In 2005, the youth wing started a unique program in Poonch district of Jammu & Kashmir province. He was chief-in-charge of that program. Its name is “Budha Amarnath Yatra”. 

Poonch is a district in Hindu-majority Jammu region of the Muslim-majority J & K state. But in Poonch district, the Hindus and Sikhs constitute only 8 percent of the population. Hindu emigration from Poonch district was going on steadily, further depleting the Hindu population. Poonch district was on the verge of becoming Hindu-less. After a lot of touring and surveying in Poonch, the Bajrang Dal youth volunteers discovered an almost abandoned but ancient temple named “Budha Amarnath temple”. They started a 7-day yatra, a distance of 250 kms. The response was unbelievable. The whole town came to the ground every evening to welcome the yatris. Within 2 years, the town got a new look. New shops, business centers, hotels opened. The traditional ‘Dasnami Akhada’, the base camp of the Yatra, built a large hall where seven hundred people can sleep. Indian Army helped tremendously to protect the yatra, as if they were eagerly waiting for it. Within 3 years, the Yatra became extremely popular to the local people of Rajouri and Poonch districts. People started thronging the temple throughout the year. The persons who left Poonch for the fear of Muslim militants, started to come back. Further migration almost stopped. After a long time, ‘Vande Mataram’ filled the air again. Every person of Poonch town, child to old, recognised Sri Tapan Ghosh due to this yatra.

In July 2005, Sri Tapan Ghosh was again transferred to Kolkata with the responsibility of Eastern Zonal-in-charge of the youth wing. This time his responsibility was of West Bengal, Sikkim and 7 North-Eastern states including Assam. 

Again the struggle continued. The first battle was in Sandeshkhali, a notorious den of Muslim fundamentalists and criminals of North 24 Parganas district. 16 Hindu workers (including one housewife) were severely beaten up and injured. Police and administration were openly on the side of the Muslim Fundamentalists. They arrested 15 injured Hindu youths and slapped false cases on them. They had to spend one month in jail. 

The situation in Bengal and North Eastern states along with Bangladesh is critical and is of paramount importance, strategically. To resist this catastrophe more aggressively and effectively, and create a better regional support structure within the Hindus in Bengal, Sri Tapan Ghosh formed “Hindu Samhati” (meaning: “Hindu Solidarity”) on 14th February 2007. Its aim is to inspire and empower Hindu youths to fight against any injustice. 

In the past 8 years, Hindu Samhati has created a solid force of 80,000 young women and men who are leading and valiantly resisting the growing Islamization of West Bengal. 


The past seven years’ history of this New Vanguard of Hindu Resistance is available on the website:


Source: WHN Media Network