New York State Hindu Society Formed to Represent, Protect and Promote the Interests of Hindus


State of New York, County of Queens: On July 20th 2014 a Group of Hindus met at 143-08 Hillside Ave and founded the New York State Hindu Society. They adopted the Society’s Mission, Structure and Logo.

 Mission: “With, and in the name of GOD, ‘in whom we trust,’ The New York State Hindu Society, herewith formed, shall represent, protect and promote the interests of Hindus and shall collaborate with other Organizations and Religious entities to secure Civil Rights and advance the Cause of Social Justice in New York, in the United States of America and anywhere else in the world as it sees fit and proper.” The founding members are: Smt. Ushir Pandit,, Esq.,Chairperson; Smt. Celia Devi Dosamentes, Vice-President; Smt. Parbattie Bernard, Asst. Treasurer; Shri Krishnaswamy Anandaram, Asst. Secretary; Shri Ganesh Gokool, Treasurer; Shri Jainendra Jain, Senior Vice-President; Shri Parsram Rampersaud, Commtte. Member; Shri Karan Persaud-Deokaran, Commtte.Member; Shri Ramesh D. Kalicharran, President; Shri Roopnarain Persaud, Founder & General Secretary; and Shri Ashok Karmaker, Esq., Advisor. Contact Person: Roop Persaud (646) 483-7275

Source: Roop Persaud via. WHN Publisher E-mail