Nothing wrong if Hindu becomes JK CM: BJP

bjpJammu, Aug 22: There is nothing in the law or Constitution of India or Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, which bars a Hindu from becoming Chief Minister of the State, BJP spokesperson Arun Kumar Gupta said Friday.
He said controversy started by Congress, National Conference and PDP on the issue is entirely misplaced. “All the three parties are trying to mislead the people of the state in an attempt to derail the BJP bandwagon”.
“In fact, Hindus are the largest minority in the State, where over 70 per cent are Muslims. Hindus constitute less than 23 per cent and have every right to aspire for the top political post in the State,” Gupta said.
The three parties, according to him, are unnerved by the success of BJP in the State and want to thwart its rise to power in the coming Assembly elections.
Reacting to NC general secretary Mustafa Kamal’s statement that only a “Muslim from Kashmir” can be CM of the state, Gupta said, “He (Kamal) should have been more specific by saying that only a member of Abdullah family can become the CM. This is dynastic politics at its worst and in a democracy like India, it has no place in the public domain”.
He said there is nothing wrong in talking about the possibility of a Hindu CM for Jammu and Kashmir. “Similarly, members from other communities, including Buddhists or Sikhs or Kargil Shias have a right to aspire for the post of the CM”.
Gupta said in the coming days, State BJP under leadership of its national president Amit Shah will chalk out strategy to realize its dream of Mission 44+ in Jammu and Kashmir.

Source: Rising Kashmir