OF-BJP’s Grand Victory Celebrations In New Jersey-New York Tri-State Area

OFBJP’s Grand Victory Celebrations

In New Jersey-New York Tri-State Area 


Indian Diaspora of tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) gathered in full colors and big numbers at an Overseas Friends of BJP (OFBJP) – USA organized Victory Celebration event on the occasion of BJP’s historic victory in the recently held parliamentary elections in India. The event was held at Birchwood Manor, Whippany, New Jersey on Sunday June 01, 2014. The distinguished chief guest was Shri Gajendra Solanki, Convener of BJP cultural cell and OFBJP’s national President, Shri Chandrakant Patel was the guest of honor. Over 1500 people attended the memorable event.


Shri Gajendra Solanki, a renowned poet, regaled the audience with his stirring, patriotic and inspirational poetry tactfully mixed with various anecdotes and humor, and apt commentary on the prevailing political situation in India during the election time, Narendra Modi’s all-embracing message, and visibly high expectations and aspirations of Indian people, and how Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of India would transform the country into a leading light of the world in both spiritual and economic spheres. He said that India stood at such a critical juncture waiting for such a dynamic leader with roots in the soil, people chose Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister.

A special message from Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Communications and Information Technology and Law and Justice in Modi ji’s cabinet was read out. The message conveys the significance of BJP’s victory, and congratulated the volunteers of Indian Diaspora for their contribution in many ways to the success of the party in India.  A video clip of Shri Vijay Jolly, Convener of BJP Overseas Affairs was played out with his special wishes to Indian Diaspora who have immensely contributed to the success of BJP in the elections.

Chardrakant Patel (President, OFBJP)
Gajendra Solanki (Co-Convener, BJP Cultural Cell)
Shri Chandrakant Patel welcomed the audience and thanked them for contributing to the success of BJP in polls. He shared his campaign experiences and promised the audience that OFBJP-USA would take up the pertinent issues of Indian community in USA and would fight for the voting rights for all NRIs (Non Resident Indians) that was corroborated with Shri Vijay Jolly’s (BJP Convener for Overseas Affairs) support for the same. He said that OFBJP-USA will closely work with all Indian community organizations in USA in highlighting the issues concerning India and Indian Diaspora with the US law makers and think tanks. He congratulated the OFBJP-USA volunteers who had worked very hard for the last 6 months and helped conduct several programs in New Jersey-New York areas to help BJP in the parliamentary elections, and making thousands of phone calls to the Indian voters. He said the BJP and other like-minded organizations in India worked tirelessly for the success of BJP during the elections. 
Earlier, the program started with traditional lamp lighting ceremony and paying floral tributes to Bharat Mata and founding leaders of BJP preceded by “Shankh Naad” by Praveen Shastri. India’s national song “Vandemataram” was sung by Vidya Labroo, Neeraj Bhagat, Priyam Bhagat accompanied by Gangotri Bhagat on flute. Audience was inspired by the rendition of patriotic songs sung by Shri Jagdish (Actor) Patel, Shri Laxmi Narayan, Mrs. Shivani Mody, Mrs. Vidya Labroo, and Dr. Bhagirath Mehta.
A separate Youth session was conducted by OFBJP Youth Committee. In this session many committee members shared their experiences of the election campaign and hoped for better India under the visionary leadership of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. A presentation was made by OFBJP Youth team led by Shri Arvind Modini, Shri Manik Tyagi, Shri Anil Sharma, Shri Ganesh, Shri Arun Ayyagari and others. 

Immediate Past President, Shri Jayesh Patel shared his exciting experiences during his pre-election tour of India and said that there was no doubt, BJP would win the elections. National Treasurer, Shri Krishna Reddy spoke about the commitment of Modi ji and BJP towards Mother India and how the Indian Diaspora’s commitment for the same cause is recognized by them. Sr. Member of National Advisory Council, Shri Ram Rakshpal Sood talked about Modi ji’ s determination in removing country’s ills and usher in a new golden era, where India will emerge a great leader in the comity of world nations. 


Several eminent community leaders including Shri HR Shah (Chairman of TV Asia), Shri Mohan Khanna, Shri Atma Singh, Shri Virender Labroo, Dr. Navin Mehta, Dr. Rakesh Shridhar, Shri Narsinh Desai, and Shri Dinesh Desai spoke on the occasion touching the topics of meaning of second independence, high hopes of general public and the Indian Diaspora across the globe regarding bringing the black money back to India from foreign banks, rooting out the corruption completely, bringing the prices down, high growth in manufacturing sector and other parameters of economic growth, curbing atrocities against women and establishing proper law order, eliminating external and internal threats to India etc. Several other prominent leaders of the Indian American community of the Tri-State area including Shri Kenu Patel, Shri Narender Lakhani, Shri Mohan Khanna, Shri Bhikku Shri Dinesh Desai, Shri Raju Amin, Shri Ajit Kothari, Shri Nalini Kumar, Shri Harshad Anjaria, Shri Balu Advani have participated in these celebrations.

L-R: Actor Patel, Chandrakant Trevedi and Jayesh Patel
L- R: Pramod Bhagat, Actor Patel
The program was concluded in a mood of hope, happiness and determination playing ceremonial Dhols (drums) with a performance of traditional folk dances such as Garba, Dandiya and Bhangra in which some members of the audience also participated. Actor Patel’s performance was much appreciated and he entertained audience with his trademark wit and patriotic fervor. Shri Mohan Khanna acted as the Emcee for the program and “Vote of Thanks” was delivered by Shri Pramod Bhagat (Program co-coordinator) followed by sumptuous dinner