On Holi, Hindu Mahasabha of America (HMSA) New Jersey – New York Chapter Formed


L-R: HMSA New Jearsy – New York Chapter treasurer Shri. Sudhir Pandey, President Arun Joshi, Ex- National secretary Rahul Chandra.

On the auspicious occasion of Hindu festival of colors Holi – which signifies victory of good on evil, Hindu Mahasabha of America aka Hindu Congress of America (HMSA) New Jersey – New York chapter formation took place.

On this occasion Shri. Sudhir Pandey – a prominent Hindu activist from New Jersey area justified hosted key meeting of concerned Hindu activists with a goal to ponder over gaps in American Hindu activism. He emphasized the requirement of organizations where socio – political issues facing Hindus in worldwide can be addressed on an urgent basis. He has been actively involved in multiple organizations and has contributed immensely to IT Infrastructure development of multiple Hindu projects.

Shri. Arun Joshi, an active activists and volunteer in New Jersey area with a decade of selfless service for Hindu cause supported the stand of strong Karma Yoga focused organizations where key issues facing Hindus on social – political areas can be addressed and strong leadership can be developed. Shri Arun Joshi brings strong activism subject matter knowledge and skills to HMSA Chapter.

Rahul Chandra, ex- national secretary of HMSA updated office bearers on HMSA goals, objectives and mission. He provided examples of issues on which current vibrant chapter of HMSA – Houston chapter. He cited examples where Hindus were victimized politically in India and intellectually in USA and physically in regions of Europe and Asia Pacific belt.

The landscape of American Hindu organizations has now grown into multitude of organizations with focus on Janna Yoga (Path of Knowledge), Bhakti Yoga (Path of Devotion), Raja Yoga (Path of meditation)  and Karma Yoga (Path of Action). While organizations focused on Bhakti Yoga, Janna Yoga and Raja Yoga  has been gaining momentum (Hindu temples, places of spiritual and Dharmic awareness) in USA, Karma Yoga (path of action ~ activism) focused organizations are limited – not only in numbers but also in scope. Moreover many prominent Karma Yoga based organizations which have decades of legacy are now majority projects focused towards Yogic paths of Janna Yoga (awareness, networking projects). Thus having a Karma Yoga with comprehensive scope and applicability. a focused organization is need of time in America where intellectuals, activists who look forward for action (post awareness – Janna Yoga) is need of time. Moreover many Karma Yoga based organizations cannot fight Anti Hindu forces at political level because of tax exempt status – which prohibits organizations to endorse / support pro Hindu political leaders globally. Also leading American Hindu political organizations have limited scope when it comes to advocacy for protecting Hindu human rights globally. This leads to a major gap in Hindu activism where pro Hindu activists sometimes lack organizational umbrella where Karma Yoga focused projects focused on protecting, preserving Hindus and Hinduism on any level (social, political levels) with world wide scope can be promptly  implemented like – Petitions, press releases, protests, conferences, seminars, articles, blogs etc.

New Jearsy – New York chapter plans implement two yearly events – Hindu Sports Day (HSD) and Hindu Memorial Day (HMD) on a yearly basis.

Hence the rationale of having pan US presence of Hindu Mahasabha of America chapters is required where Hindu activists and intellectuals can swiftly take appropriate action for worldwide Hindu resurgence.

Source: HMSA