One More Victory Celebration for Hon. Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India, in New York on June 8TH

Narain Kataria in New York


From left: Gaurang Vaishnav, Narain Kataria, Jagdish Sewhani, and Arish Sahani



From left: Jaya Patil, Narain Kataria, Radha Raman Upadhyaya and Arish Sahani

Indian Americans living in USA are so happy and enthusiastic at the astounding victory of Hon. Narendra Modi ji, the Prime Minister of India, that they want to give vent to their simmering discontent and repressed feeling against reprehensible atrocities heaped on Hindus by anti-Hindu Congress Party led by UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi. One such celebration was organized by Mr. B.R. Patil and Jaya Patil in New York at Hindu Temple Society of North America on June 8, 2014.

The speakers expressed their jubilation at the grand victory of Hon. Narendra Modi in the Parliamentary elections in India, and the audience congratulated, hugged one another and expressed their relief at the crushing defeat of anti-Hindu forces at the hands of BJP and its allies.

The following persons spoke on the occasion:
Shri Gaurang Vaishnav, Narain Kataria, Jagdish Sewhani, Arish Sewhani, Vibhuti Jha and Rudra Upadhayaya. Earlier, Mr. B.R. Patil welcomed the audience.

At the end, Jagdish Sewhani requested the audience to observe one minute silence at the sudden demise of Shri Gopinath Munde, senior leader of Bharatiya Janata Party in a car accident in Delhi.

Source: Narain Kataria via. WHN Publisher