One should be well versed with the law to stop Hindu’s Holy Cow Slaughting – Shri Amrut Singh

Topic : What action can be initiated against those police officers who refuse to take cognizance or register cases against Cow Slaughter?

It is the necessity of time that we prevent cow slaughter. If this cow slaughter continues unablated, the along with Goumata, we are in for peril too. There is a necessity to create awareness among people about this. When we decide to fully dedicate ourseleves to protect Gowmata, then the onus is on us to understand every aspect of the process and act responsibly. You need proof to lodge a complaint with the police. In such cases, we should rely on our own activists to provide this evidence. To ensure that our complaint can face th scrutiny of the court, we need to be well versed with the Cow Slaughter laws. These things affect the case.

The cows may die due to various causes. Campaigns are held to educate people against female foeticide, similar campaigns must be organised to spread the word about cow slaughter. The amount of importance accoreded to the conservation of other animal fauna in India, is not accorded to the cattle. So, large scale education in this matter is inevitable.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti