Only Modi can prevent the Islamification of India: Ashok Singhal


Ashok Singhal

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) chief Ashok Singhal believes that the total Islamification of India can only be avoided by bringing Narendra Modi at the helm of the country and the entire country’s saints will have to unite to ensure that he becomes the next prime minister of India.

Talking to India Today, Singhal said that people claim that Modi spilled blood to win in Gujarat, but it is a fact that in 12 years, there has not been single case of communal violence or rioting in Gujarat whereas Uttar Pradesh sees riots every month. Since Modi became the chief minister of Gujarat, Hindus and Muslims are living in perfect harmony in the state. Commenting on Arvind Kejriwal’s political stunts, Singhal termed him as a stooge of Congress, Communists and Maoists and said that he was looking for a reason to leave the chief minister’s post.

Although Singhal had arrived in Vrindavan to attend a religious function, his statements indicate that this visit also had a significant political angle. It is now to be seen how much the people of Braj region were affected by Singhal’s fiery statements.