Opinion: Mr. Maharaj Of South Africa, Please Educate Yourself On HSS, WHF & RSS

Rahul Chandra

Rahul Chandra


Rahul Chandra is an Indian-American researcher, speaker and writer on global Hindu empowerment and brings more than a decade of experience in working for Hindu organizations at social, religious and political levels. He is a member of World Hindu News editorial board and a freelancer journalist.


Mr. Brij Maharaj article (attached at footer area) at Durban, South African based daily Sunday mirror doesn’t surprise me. Brij Maharaj is one of the many, who never had the opportunity to work at hundreds of social service programs RSS and other Hindu organizations operates worldwide. The article at Durban, South African based daily Sunday mirror is a byproduct of ignorance and lack of insight into larger vision which RSS and and other Hindu organizations envisions towards empowering worldwide Hindu society. The level of falsehood deployed by Mr. Brij Maharaj in his article is terrifying and aimed to imbibe a deep mistrust for RSS and ideological affiliates among South African community. Here I add a disclaimer that non of the three entities mentioned by the author is interlink legally, operationally or organizationally. Yes, Hindu organizations do share similar philosophy towards empowering Hindus and share information and work collaboratively for that mission which organizations of other faiths do too.

I would like to ask Mr. Brij Maharaj to provide facts supporting his statement on RSS destroying Mosques and burning trains full of Muslim passengers on board. In fact in 2002, it was a mob of fanatic Muslims who burnt down a train of sixty innocent Hindus in the Indian state of Gujarat  and hundreds of Hindu temples have been erased under the last ten years of Congress led rule in India, facts on those are evident at SaveTemples.org website etc.  The authors statement is total absurd and false, aimed towards misleading Hindus and other faiths in South Africa. His focused concern for Muslims and apathy for Hindus reflects his bias for Hindus and has no authority to misguide South African Hindu community. The authors philosophy is in sync with many Hindu’s anti- Hindu philosophy because of whom today Hindus are facing human rights violation around the world inc. South Africa. People or organizations who fails to appreciate and respect their own community achievements cannot contribute towards empowerment of fellow citizens and country.

For those who term RSS a fanatic organization, fails to appreciate the thousands of social service programs it runs across India and its ideological sisters abroad. From hospitals for poor and needy to thousands of schools in deep tribal areas, from women empowerment programs to programs aimed towards preserving Hindu heritage sites, scriptures, values and ethics. Yes, in this era, when information leads to belief, it’s paramount to maintain a system of records and share in public which RSS and its worldwide sister organizations must do as what you see is what you believe and looking at national and international media bias for RSS, its paramount to start own media engines projecting great social service works. This gap should be covered by RSS and and other Hindu organizations and I appreciate Mr. Brij Maharaj bringing this gap.

Mr. Brij Maharaj is most welcome to visit RSS office in Nagpur and WHF office in New Delhi to get educated on overall picture on RSS & and other Hindu organizations social service programs which has preserved Indian demographic landscape and integrity in face of foreign forces leaving no stone upturned to divide Indian on the basis of caste, color and language. RSS and its programs have tremendous positive impact in making India safe and secure.  Mr. Brij Maharaj is making statements on the basis of his research on news published in Indian mainstream media and some foreign media newspapers, knowingly that most Indian mainstream media institutions are acting as proxies of Anti-Hindu foreign establishments. Their biggest obstacle in dividing India and turn it into a Banana Republic is RSS, its ideological sister organizations and other Hindu organizations like Shiv Sena, HJS, Hindu Mahasabha etc. Thus they keep posting and propagating defamatory content on RSS, its ideological sister organizations and other Hindu organizations to dilute mass Hindu participation in RSS and other Hindu organizations programs. Just like in computers we have virus protection and firewall for internet transmitted virus, the RSS firewall keeps parasites of division and anarchy away from Indian landscape and its ideological sister organizations in global landscape.

On HSS – Hindu Swyamsevak Sangh note, Mr. Brij Maharaj is totally uninformed, HSS – an organizations operating globally in tens of countries aims to bring unity and among Hindus and people from other faiths, it’s an independent organization governed by the law and legality of respective country, with board members citizens of that respective country. Hindu Swyamsevak Sangh operational overseas has no role in incidents impacting India. I have personally attended many HSS social programs. They operate with an agenda focusing on country relevant Hindu community requirements. For example in US, Hindu Swyamsevak Sangh is majorly involved in Yoga, Heath and imbibing Hindu values among NRI children etc. A visit to HSS camp will enlighten Mr. Brij Maharaj.

Similarly, the World Hindu Foundation (WHF) – an esteemed forum for Hindus worldwide to get organized has been accused incorrectly of spreading bigotry. World Hindu Foundation (WHF) is a forum under which World Hindu Congress 2014 was organized and participants from eighty countries enrolled and attended it. Mr. Brij Maharaj inaccurate analysis of such a global Hindu movement reflects his short sight and vision less concern for global Hindu society. World Hindu Foundation (WHF) is an independent organization governed by it’s own constitution and operates under the law of country where it organizes conferences.

Today Hindus are facing persecution economically, politically around the world, even in the organized and safe nations like America, Hindu temples are being vandalized on a weekly basis. The list is endless to be presented here. Regarding his comments on Swami Vigyananand ji – who is the founder of World Hindu Foundation (WHF), Mr. Brij Maharaj is advised to meet him and talk in length. In many of the programs overseas Hindus worked with Swami Vigyananand ji, they developed enhanced vision and far sight on worldwide requirement relevant to Hindus. They learnt skills to organize conferences and replicate models of consolidating Hindus at various forums of importance. Swami Vigyananand ji is an expert on Hindu scriptures and social – political issues impacting Hindus worldwide. I reconcile that in 2013, though Swami Vigyananand ji was very sick, he still went to Sri Lankan northern areas to help re-build an ancient Hindu temple heritage site which was in ruins and near demolition. Swami Vigyananand ji is a well-educated, organized and visionary individual & Hindus who have worked with him can truly understand his intent.

His programs in South Africa will greatly benefit the economically prosperous and intellectually rich Hindu society of South Africa in not only developing a South African business grid but also bolt on with global Hindu business houses and help facilitate a cycle of economic prosperity. Today Hindus of South African have a leader like Swami Vigyananand ji  who can infuse energy in media, women empowerment, politics, youth, organizational and business relevant social areas. South Africa Hindu community has been subject to many defamatory books, articles and attacks on Hindu worship places. Also leaders of South Africa Hindu community has been looking forward to a global, visionary and organized Hindu forum with integration points for South Africa Hindu community empowerment in South Africa political, media and organizational landscape. In fact many leaders of South Africa Hindu community greatly appreciated the work of World Hindu Foundation (WHF) in South Africa during my talks with them at WHC 2014 in New Delhi.

For example, never in the history of Hindus or India such a massive and integrated and contemporary conference like the World Hindu Congress 2014 (World Hindu Foundation (WHF) organized WHC 2014) has been organized where Hindu intellectuals can participate in segments such as politics, media, women, youth, business etc. There were many participants from South Africa. Swami Vigyananand ji has today developed a robust and comprehensive forum with a global scope and contemporary to 21st century Hindu requirements. His conferences are attended by world renowned political and social leaders – from Sri Lanka to Bangkok, from US to Kenya, from UK to Australia. It’s because of the stewardship of Swami Vigyananand ji that today Hindus have an opportunity to contribute in the areas of their interest towards global Hindu empowerment and contribute in areas with tremendous social impact. Mr. Brij Maharaj biased article accuses Hindus of bigotry and discrimination in spite of the fact that Hindus have never persecuted any race throughout human history, though many races persecuted Hindus after becoming long term hosts in Hindu areas.

In my opinion Mr. Brij Maharaj should first fight the racially motivated killings prevalent in South Africa and write articles on Johannesburg (a city in SA) crime situation where there is race or loot related killing in every three hours.  As per his limited knowledge, experience and vision for HSS, WHF and RSS, the prescription for authors aggravated authorship activism is to enroll with some Johannesburg NGO’s which are working towards reduction in crime rate. Mr. Brij Maharaj should appreciate the work Hindu organizations are doing for Hindu empowerment, because as said earlier if this firewall collapsed than ground is clear for  Hindu society persecution globally – of which Mr. Brij Maharaj is also a part. For example when in 1947, Pakistani Jihadis captured a town named Mirpur in Kashmir, they not only killed RSS and Hindu leaders but also members from Congress party, independent authors and all Hindu activists irrespective of their ideological position.

No world leader or country has ever helped or will help Hindus in such situation – past historic events are proof. Hindus have themselves have to build engines of security and prosperity.

Today the easiest form of Hindu activism is to criticize and defame fellow Hindu working for Hindu cause.  Mr. Brij Maharaj know very well that they cannot turn on heat on institutions of Abrahamic faiths as that will burn his butt to an extent of irreparable damage. Mr. Brij Maharaj should appreciate work of Hindus and Hindu organizations who take grave risks to get their butt burnt in a global landscape overpowered by institutions of Abrahamic faiths. Mr. Brij Maharaj should also go beyond South Africa and write articles on Hindu persecution in Pakistan and Bangladesh, vandalism of Hindu temples in N America, the way Hindu business community was given a 48 hours’ notice in an African nation to evict or get killed, Mr. Brij Maharaj – that’s real Hindu authorship and am sure you will cherish it. Why shouldn’t Mr. Brij Maharaj go beyond the safe confines his SA office and spend some nights at West Bengal – Bangladesh border and see real time violation of Hindu women dignity. There are many Hindus like ‘Mr. Brij Maharaj ‘ in USA, India and Europe. My response apply to such ‘Maharajas’ too. I am sorry Mr. Brij Maharaj, South African citizens reject your absurd and fake thesis on HSS, WHF and RSS.

“The cheapest form of Hindu activism is to cause damage to a Hindu or a Hindu organization who is working for Hindu empowerment” – Rahul Chandra

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