Oregon State University to teach Hinduism

Weatherford Hall at Oregon State UniversityOregon State University (OSU) is launching religious studies major in the upcoming winter term and it shall include various Hinduism courses as well. “One area of emphasis is on the religions of Southeast Asia, including Budhhism, Hinduism and Islam”, according to an OSU release.

Various Hinduism related courses include “Intro to Hindu Traditions”, “Yoga and Tantric Traditions”, “Gandhi and nonviolence”, etc. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed described OSU’s approach as “a step in the right direction”. 

Zed also pointed out that religion is a complex element of our lives and religion comprised much more than one’s own individual experience or specific tradition. God, as a sign of God’s munificence and benevolence, constructively wished presence of different faiths. 
Rajan Zed urged the schools/departments of religion and philosophy of major world universities to strengthen their Hinduism sections. Hinduism being the oldest religion with rich philosophical thought and a vast array of scriptures needed more exploration. 

Zed especially asked the Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, Stanford, Columbia, McGill, Australian National, Tokyo,Copenhagen, Heidelberg, Uppsala, and Utrecht universities to further enrich their Hinduism resources.

Source: Meri News