Pandavwada in the clutches of fanatics in Erandol open for Hindus


Hindus, just as the residents of Jalgaon have shown unity for salvaging Pandavwada and to demolish the cow-slaughter house, Hindus from all over Bharat also should show !

Jalgaon – Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has organised an andolan to salvage Pandavwada, the Historical monument from the clutches of fanatics. As a part of this a grand morcha was held on 1st March on behalf of HJS. 4000 Hindus had participated in it. After this grand morch the government had opened it for Hindus from 1st March. (Hindus, pay gratitude to Shreekrushna for this success. ! Do not be satisfied with the success of getting the gates of Pandavwad open for Hindus; but strive to get permanent possession of Pandavwada in Hindus hands ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat). It is said that Fanatics were not allowed to pay their ‘Namaj’ in Pandavwada on 1st March because of the morcha of Hindus. Prior to this Pnadavwada was rarely kept open for Hindus. Fanatics were paying their Namaj here every day.
HJS had organised a grand morcha on 1st March with a view to get demands like ‘Pandavwada being a place of faith for Hindus, hence it should be declared as National Monument and the cow-slaughter house in Shirsoli should be removed permanently. Jalgaon, Dhule, Hindutvawadi organisations in Nandurbar District, organistion of business community, Sampraday, representatives of Goshala (Cow shelter), cow-sympathisers and devout Hindus had joined the morcha. Pujya Nandkumar Jadhav was present on this occasion.
This is how was the morcha …..!

1. Morcha commenced from Shyamprasad Mukerji Udyan after offering worship to the Dharmadhwaj at the hands of Mr. Lalwani.
2. Mr. Tripathi maharaj, occupying Shri Bahvanidevi Mandir seat (Gadipati) acted as priest at this time.
3. The morcha after having proceeded via, Tower Chowk, Mahanagarpalika, Shivtirth maidan, Swatantrya Chowk, culminated into a sabha.
4. The charts with Suvachanas (Good thoughts) from Srimadbhagvadgita in the hands of children were the centre of attraction.
5. When the morcha reached Mahanagarpalika the Deputy Commissioner came out of his office and received the memorandum.
6. A tents were raised in various chowks (Squares) on behalf of HJS and the passers-by were being invited to join the morcha to fulfil their duty towards Dharma.
7. Dignitaries in the morcha offered garlands of flowers to the statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Swatantryaveer Savarkar at Shivtirth.
In the coming election Hindus will vote only the caw-protectors ! – Pujya Nandkumar Jadhav

To remove illegal cow-slaughter house is a mission to protect cows, hence every Hindu should come forward for that. In the coming election Hindus will vote for Cow-protecting rulers ! Despite the availability of legal and genuine evidences regarding Pandavwada, Fanatics have taken it into their custody. Hindus have been deprived of this invaluable treasure only due to the Government ignoring the fact. Therefore Hindus should fight till the end to get Pandavwada back constitutionally.
If democratic solution is not available then Hindus will have to think of other ways ! – Ajay Lalwani, lover of cow and renowned businessman from Jalgaon

Hindus never get anything without resistance. It is very unfortunate that in Hindustan Hindus only have to resist to fulfil their demands; but due to this Hindus are uniting and that is very important. The Government should give Pandavwada into the custody of Archaeological department in 15 days and demolish the cow-slaughter house in Shirsoli. If the Government does not act to fulfil the demands made by Hindus then Hindus will have to look for other alternatives. Imams and Maulavis should publish phatve (Order) stating that those who kill cows should not consume cow’s milk, curd. Environment, animal-wealth and sanctity are being attacked by non-Hindus. If we ignore these issues then our houses too can get burnt in this fire.
Government should safeguard Hindus’ historical monuments by passing an independent law ! – Sunil Ghanvat. Maharashtra State convener, HJS

When the voice was raised in connection to Pandavwad, police force had to be engaged there and governing machinary from Dehli was awakend. This is Hindus’ success. Fanatics are trying to gain control over the premises given to them on hire. Yesterday after having given the representation, the Government had to open it for Hindus. Since fanatics are snatching Hindus historical monuments, the Government should protect them by passing independent law. In the coming election Hindus will give their votes only to the candidates who make a mention in their Election Manifesto about Pandavwada. Every Hindu should reprimand the rulers regarding the issue of Shirsoli cow-slaughter house. Government should not delay court case. If the Government does not have pleaders to argue the case, then HJS will supply pleaders to them !
….Hindus will finance the development of Pandavwada ! – Rajumama Bhole, Nagasevak, BJP

Does the Government mean that, if the Government is not abiding the law then Hindus should take the law into their hands ? Are the police opposing Hindus in Hindu’s Rashtra, servants of fanatics ? How can the Shirsoli cow-slaughter house be active illegally disregarding Supreme Court’s order ? Laws to protect cows are being passed in the States, Rajasthan and Gujarat; but they are not passed due to inactive Maharashtra Government. Hindus should reprimand the candidates who come to ask for their votes regarding this issue. If the Government has no money then Hindus themselves will finance the development of Pandavwada.
Present devout Hindus !

Kirtankar Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Jalkekar, Kirtankar GAjanan MAraj Rajput, Kirtankar Chadrashekhar Maharaj Shirsolikar, Kirtankar Govind Maharaj, Kirtankar Nivrutti Maharaj, Adv.(Mr.) Govind Tiwari of Hindumahasabha,Mr. Naresh Khandelwal, Mr. Sapansheth Jhunjhunwala, Mr. Mohan Tiwari, Mr, Babul Pipariya of Shivsena, Mr. Rakesh Garde, Mr. Sanjay Rao from Kahndwa, Madhya Pradesh, Gayatri Sharma of Akhil Bharatiya Marwari Sanghtana, Pravina Mundada of Maheshwari Mahila Mandal, Santosh Naval of Sanskar Parivar, Mr.Shymsundar Tiwadi of International naturopathy Organisation, Mr. Padmakat Jain of Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, Mr. Ashok Ladvanjari, City chief of BJP, Mr. Mahendra Kothri of Surabh Jewellers, Mr. Vinod Thule, a renowned businessman, Mr. Banti Koli, Mr. Kapil Thakur of Swarajya Nirman Sena, Mr. Amit Bhatia, Nagarsevak, Mr. Vijaykumar Gehi, Nagarsevak BJP, Mr. Raju Tade Shirsoli —-upasarpanch of Shirsoli, Mr. Arjun Bari, Shirsoli —-Sarpanch, Mr. Narendra Sonavne, Sarpanch, Dapora, Mr. Pintu Sonar, gosevak etc.

1. Save Pandavwad ! Demolish cow-slaughter house ! Shame on Congress whiling away time in the issue of Pandavwada ! Shame on the Government ready to destroy Hindu’s historical monument and ready to kill cows ! Slogans like there were echoing loudly in the whole area.
2. On behalf of Warkari Sampraday, Bhajani mandal, 50 students of Warkari Educational Institution were present in the morcha.
Tyranny of police trying to suppress the andolan !

1. Police forced to remove 4 loud speakers installed for sabha in front of the Collector’s office.
2. Pressurising repeatedly to reduce the volume of the loud speakers during the sabha. (Will the police dare to pressurise Fanatics when Hindus suffer due to loud speaker on masques ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
3. More than 100 police were deployed including Sub-inspector of police, Inspector, Police — to keep watch on the morch.
4. Police had even made arrangements of water-tankers. ( This means did the police intend to crush the andolan? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)
5. Police constable Bhaskar Y. Thakre (Buckle No. 3195 / Jalgaon ) from police department took video shooting of the sabha.
6. While distributing the hand bills of the morcha at Erandol, police were making inquiries about the activists.
7. Police served a notice to all devout Hindu youth from Erandol under —– Section 149.
8. Police tried to pressurise youth from Erandol and Vaghoda mentally by calling them on mobile, making inquiries about the names of those who were attending the andolan, asking for their mobile numbers. Therefore finally the youth put off their mobile phones getting disgusted.
9. Notices were served on the buses of Hindus coming for the morcha on the highway and Mhasavad Naka.
10. Pandavwada looked like an army cantonment. Police were standing in every chowk in groups.
Getting scared to act during fanatics’ morcha, police use pressure-technique during Hindus’ morcha. By obstructing Hindus in various ways the police deny them the democratic right to andolan given by the republic. Such police will be given punishment of eternal sadhana in Hindu Rashtra. Congress rulers of both the parties having lost their conscience deliberately act like this to appease Fanatics and pressurise police to act unconstitutionally, thereby giving a chance for anarchy. Therefore there is no alternative to electing Hindus well-wisher, in the coming election by removing such rulers.
(We are going to publish very soon the harassment meted out to Hindus in this regard on another day.- Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat))
1. Hindus, beware of such cunning and shrewd police !

A. Police joined the morcha in civil dress. They had managed to get the badges also from the activists of the Samiti by cheating them.
B. Hindus in the morcha always have tilak on their forehead. Therefore later at the time of such andolan / morchas fanatic and anti-Hindus will join it and start riot. At such times police will arrest Hindus only. Therefore with a view to avoid such a thing be alert to keep watch on the participants in the morcha !
2. Hindus, do not trust rumours !

In order to have less number of Hindus participating in the morcha police might spread rumours like ‘andolan has been cancelled’ purposely. Hence if any one tells you that the programme organised with the intention of protecting Dharma, was cancelled, then instead of trusting the rumour, make inquiries with the organising institution.
3. O, Hindus, remember, people of other faith do not avoid attending the andolan when police take their names when it happens to be the issue of their Dharma !

Police had gone to some villages and taken their names for scaring them to participate in large numbers in the andolan organised for salvaging Pandavwada and demolishing Shirsoli cow-slaughter house. Some such Hindus avoided participation in the andolan, because police had taken their names.

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat