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Dear Enlightened Patriots,
• A difficult task to present a brief summary of the last week’s developments.
• Barring Far East and some parts of Southern Asia, the rest of the world is at war against the ISIS. Powers remaining politically correct not calling it against Islam. It is against Islam and against Islam only;
• Asylum seekers were among those who had attacked Paris;
• The ISIS, however, seems least bothered. ‘Have warned US and others bombing Syria for retaliation and vowed further attacks in Europe.US have been threatened with N-attack. Now, the call is against the Russians. Also, planning for Bangladesh;
• Anonymous, a loose international socio media unit, decided to counter the ISIS in their stronghold, social media;
• Indo-Nepal relations still under strain with China, after trying to meet fuel requirement in Nepal, assured to meet LPG crisis as well;
• An Italian priest has been attacked in Bangladesh. ISIS have claims responsibility;
• The prime mover behind the Paris attack, a Belgian, has been accounted for;
• The 13/11 Paris attack has brought in a very bad week for the entire world;
• Russia, France joined hands-for the first time in history in this Syrian crisis;
• BRICKS and G4 Summit condemned the Paris attack by ISIS and pleaded for united action;

Thanking you & with regards,

Yours sincerely,
D.C. Nath
(On behalf of the Patriots’ Forum)

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