People of Ahmadabad celebrated 5 days long Gau Katha Festival

People of Ahmadabad celebrated 5 days long Gau Katha Festival at Ground near Panch Dev Temple, Arbuda Nagar, Odhav, Ahmedabad, Gujrat from 5th may to 9th May’2015. Gau Katha Time – 4 PM to 7 PM.

On 10th May’2015 from 9 AM to 11 PM state level Gau Vardhan Gau Jan Jagran Yatra took place. Followed by Gau Partishtha Samavesh in presence of saints, member of Gua Sewak across country from 11 PM to 2 PM.

On first day inauguration of Dehnu Katha Manas Gau Katha with Kalash Yatra was done by Sr. mentor swami Akhhileshwardas Ji Maharaj , Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Chaitanya Shambhu Prashad Maharaj Ji, Vice Chairman, Gau Sewa and Gauchar Vikas Board, Gujarat Govt.

And Dr Vallabh Bhai, Chairman, Gau Sewa Commission, Gujarat Govt. graced the occasion and took blessings from Vyaas peeth.

Today, a man of such great personality Pujya Sant Shri Gopal Mani Ji Maharaj, who has got, clearness of mind, uninterruption in love, sharpness of intelligence, gentleness at home, readiness to sacrifice, penance in equity, clarity in views, Excellency in shastra , efficiency in operations, cheerfulness in eyes, simplicity in nature and sweetness in voice. Addressed thousands of people gathering in odhav.

Main Organizer of this event is Bhartiy Gau Kranti Manch Gujrat Pardesh and Mukesh Jain, Janak Lan Bisen and many other dignitaries made it a grand success through their dedication, unconditional supports.

The aim of “Gopal Golok Dham Trust” is to spread culture of Gau Ganga throughout India and to encourage natural healing. India is an Adhyatamparayana country. Western countries where the work activities and policies are motivated by selfishness, While charitable primacy in India. For ourselves to hurt or kill any creature to her iniquity has been considered. Indian culture has never accepted it. As far as the question of cow from the start of our sage cow is regarded as best creatures of nature by our rishi muni, also cow is considered the mother of the world. In the Vedas the cow called as “Aghnya”. It is shown Awdhy the cow, i.e in any case cannot be cow slaughter. “Aghany” means – which is neither one nor troubling themselves suffered. So from the start Indian rulers protect the state to Govansh , and regarded it Awdhy. In those days the cow campaign was sentenced to life.

Source: Press Release Rocket