Priceless Article Written By A Bangladeshi Hindu

bangladesh_map_copy1Priceless Article Written By A Bangladeshi Hindu


On 17th of August, on the occasion of Janmashtami a huge rally was organized in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Almost 100 thousand people were attended the rally. I too attended and enjoyed a lot with other Bengali Hindus.  

However, soon after the rally got over, an incident had occurred, that didn’t allow me to sleep last night and not even today, so, I sat down to write the incident to share with you all to get little bit mental tranquility.  

As soon as, the rally of Janmashtami was got over, I took a rickshaw ((Passenger cart, generally pulled by a man) to return to home,

The moment, I got into the rikshaw, the rickshaw puller started shouting as .. … Sri Krishna, Krishna, m$$$$$f@@@@r  Hindus have big growth in this country, so they have organized such a big rally!!. How dare they are!! All this for the terrific lady Hasina!! Let her regime to get over, we’ll kill all the Hindus!! He looked at me for a while. I was speechless as was lost!!  

At the same time from the rear of my rickshaw a gentleman in a bike started shouting …… Hindu dogs have very big rise … we need to kill all of them. I got hurt, more by this gentleman, than by the rickshaw puller.

Some time, I recall, regarding the survey questions of Human Rights, “What special had happened in this country, so that within 43 years of independence of Bangladesh (in 1971), 200 millions of Hindus had to be routed out from this country?”  Now as I’m grown up, I’m realizing the answer of the question every moment.

This is a strange incident that Bangladesh is the only successful country in the history of world, after doing so much torture on their own (Hindus) citizens, nobody in the other part of the world came to know these cruel incidents and “WORLD IS REMAIN SILENT” after this terrible human right violation. This is because there is no other society or culture in the world like Hindus, are so senselessly compassionate on other religion other culture.

In this world there are countries like Soudi,Chine, America, Israeli.., all fight to protect their own culture, own religion, unlike Hindus, that is why Hindus are getting tortured and suffering for thousands of years.   

There is a great hope for the Muslims of this country! The way the destruction of Hindus are happening in this country, it won’t take too long to make this country Hindu free. Thanks in advance to the Muslim citizen for the day.

 Lastly would like to say, that definitely I have done some great work in my previous life, so I have born as Hindu. Hindu religion is the only religion that does not hurt to other religion. Hindu never say the truth lies only in Hindu religion. Hindus are a nation of 1200 million people, but still it does not force others to adopt its religion. Hindu religion is the only religion that pray as “O Lord, you bless all living beings, give happiness to everyone” so I’m very proud “To be a Hindu”.

Source: Patriot Forum