Pro-Hindu activists foil Ganesh idol-donation drive of environmentalists

Baramati, (Dist. Pune) – Local Municipality undertook a drive for donation of idols which was openly condemned by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on 8th September. At ‘Kalwa Ghat’, devotees were explained importance of immersion of idols in flowing water and 70 % devotees responded positively. Few people informed about municipality taking out idols immersed in artificial water tanks and loading them in a tractor. This municipality has been undertaking such drive for past 2 years creating confusion amongst devotees. This year, however, people realized that immersion of idols does not cause water-pollution. Few citizens said that municipality was not doing anything for whole year to prevent pollution.

Highlights :

1. In idol-donation drive undertaken by Baramati municipality, number of fanatic employees was more.

2. Activists of HJS were standing at 5 places to create awareness amongst people. They explained the subject to employees of municipality after which the employees did not come in the way.  

3. Sou. Sudha Ghatage explained to 3 Hindu youth wearing ‘Cross’ at ‘Maalaavar chi Devi’ about the subject after which they immediately removed ‘Cross’. One municipal employee was explained about importance of chanting, spiritual practice etc. when he showed interest in buying books on the subject.

4. One fanatic employee asked a devotee immersing idol in water tank at ‘Teen Hatti Chowk’, to immerse it in flowing water.

5. At ‘Kasaba’, police tried to understand activities undertaken by HJS from Sou. Alka Vhanmare. Later, they helped seekers.

6. Before arrival of HJS activists, 2 tractors were full of idols donated by devotees at Kasaba; but as HJS activists came and explained importance of immersion to devotees, they carried idols for immersion at ‘Teen Hatti Chowk’ which was at a distance of 1 km.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat

Kolhapur (Maharashtra) : Pro-Hindu activists foil Ganesh idol-donation drive of environmentalists !

September 8, 2014

Bhadrapad Shuklapaksha 14, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

Congratulations to pro-Hindu activists from Kodoli-Kolhapur !!!

Pro-Hindu activists re-immersed Ganesha idols in water

Kodoli-Kolhapur (Maharashtra) : So-called environmentalists from Panhala taluka were taking out idols immersed by devotees in the canal and were showing them to other devotees as donated idols. This is how they undertook their idol-donation drive. When pro-Hindu activists came to know about the happenings, they opposed this with unity and stopped the wrongdoings. Later, these pro-Hindu activists immersed Ganesha-idols as per spiritual science (Dharmashastra). (Congratulations to pro-Hindu activists from Kodoli; for opposing idol-donation drive as it is against Dharma ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)  

1. On 4th September, Ganesha-devotees were immersing idols in the water-canal near Nrusimha Temple.

2. Few environmentalists and ‘Ramkrushna Pratishthan’s Shri. Deshmukh alongwith 15 men were seen taking out idols immersed in the flowing water by devotees (in accordance with spiritual science). They were kept on a side in the name of donation of idols.

3. They were trying to persuade young Ganesha-devotees by misleading them that immersion of idols caused water-pollution. They were showing idols taken out by them from water to devotees as idols received by them as donation. (As per Dharma-shastra, it is right to immerse idols in flowing water. Immersion of idols does not cause pollution; in fact, the ‘pavitrakas (holy particles)’ charged with Sri Ganesha principle flow to far off places along with water and more number of people are benefited. Devotees should therefore, teach a lesson to these so-called environmentalists for misleading people. – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

4. Pro-Hindu activists present there, noticed what the so-called environmentalists were doing and they strongly opposed to such hideous act; stopping them from doing such things.

5. Those, who are opposing to immersion of idols in water, will tomorrow, oppose to even installation of idols. Pro-Hindu activists, viz. Shri. Ram Gawali, Shri. Raja Patil, Shri. Tanaji Patil, Dr. Nitin Kothawale etc. asked these environmentalists as to why did they think of noise and water pollution only during Hindus’ festivals; but they kept mum on pollution taking place throughout the year through effluents of factories and sewage water mixed with river water ?

6. Out of 70 idols collected in the name of idol-donation, 20 idols were re-immersed by pro-Hindu activists; therefore, environmentalist, Deshmukh called police; but they could do nothing as what pro-Hindu activists were saying, was true. Then, Deshmukh got a tractor and carried the remaining idols.

Pro-Hindu activists present on the occasion !

Shiv Sena’s Shri. Ram Gawali, Raja Patil, Ganesh Mohite, Ranajit Patil, Vaibhavnagar Mitra Mandal’s Shri. Ajit Sontakke, Shri. Vijay and Vishal Gawali, Banda Khedkar (Wadi – Hudung- colony of people affected due to construction of dam), devout Hindus like Mangesh Diwan, Amarsingh Patil, Shri. Uttam Gawali of RSS, Dr. Nitin Kothawale and Tanaji Patil of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and others.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat