Project: Whitepaper on – Can Kashmiri Hindus Smile Again?


Smile is very important to all of us, ever thought, how bad it would be that howsoever hard we may try we can’t bring a real smile together? Extremely bad, intolerable & unthinkable. Right? Most amongst over 700,000 internally displaced people of Kashmiri origin feel that way in a state which is called Jammu & Kashmir.

Their country has been taken away from them while they continue to live in their country, sounds weird, yes it is, almost as weird as it can get. They are living anywhere between 100 KMs to 300 KMs of what was their homeland, there are no legal restrictions for them to go back, there is no government obstacles for them to go back, they also want to go back, but they can’t. Howsoever hard they may try they can’t bring that smile together, again. On paper everything is alright, on ground there is nothing which can make things happen. I, as an Indian, feel ashamed and belittled by the way my nation acts against its own citizens. This makes me think, what is my nation? Who runs my nation? Why my nation is capable of creating exceptionally ridiculous mess but is not capable of solving them ever? Why does my nation never has that energy to be one with its own people? This makes me think. This made us think.

It is easy to take up controversial and open ended issues where you either know the aggrieved party or you your self are part of those aggrieved. One of the first things which came to my mind was, how would we find the direction, having found that how would we find that road, and even if we find that road would someone allow us to walk that path? Nothing stops an organization from picking and choosing topics on which it wants its community and users to know, right? Wrong, there are zillion and more issues which stop an organization from doing what is right and should be done and the reasons are not always commercial.

As an organization, we at have decided that our next definitive whitepaper would be on the plight of these 700,000 internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus. We would go as deep as possible into understanding this problem and we would get representatives of all stakeholders to put their minds together to come-up with a solution which can bring a smile back on the faces of Kashmiri Hindus.

This post is aimed at announcing our intent and initiating collection of base data and creation of a team to do this. A few steps have been taken, scores are more are in the pipeline. Steps which we have been taken are, we have started talking to those who have lost their smile and we have tried to move step by step to get to reach people who matter. Three tweets were done to the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, I am sure if we persistently follow we would be able to get a few doors open and get people talking and looking at possibilities.

We would request all from community and our users to come up with whatever information they would like to share, every bit of information would make a big difference. India can win only if every Indian wins and internally displaced Kashmiri Hindus are also Indians.

Here are the three tweets done to Omar Abdullah

1. 1#3 I am founder of @mapsofindia We do whitepapers, as factual as they can be Kashmir Dispute – …

2. 2#3 We are doing our 2nd Whitepaper on Kashmir – Can Kashmiri Hindus Ever Smile Again?

3. 3#3 Request an appointment with you for a con-call or an across the table chat, about an hour at the most – Simarprit Singh

Let us get going.

Source: Maps Of India