Prompt Hindu activists saves thousands of Cows from slaughtering


Over 13000 cows have been captured by Gaurakshaks (Cow protection unit) on Monday yesterday from Paatan district near Kutch, Gujarat. The Gouvansh was brought from Sirohi district in Rajasthan and taken into Kutch district in guise of grass eating. These cattles have never returnef from kitch. Then a certain group of Gaurakshaks made an operation then it was found that these cattles were taken to Pakistan for slaughtering . 80% of these Cattles mainly consisted of Nandi bulls and 20 % were cows

These cows are owned by Muslim dealers from and they take them even using sea routes. when we tried to register complaint in Paatan police station. the police were mild on the matters and they were reluctant to file an FIR. It is also found that the Govt of Gujarat is not willing to take any initiatives on this issue.

Source: Gawrakshak via Whats Up