Protecting Hindu culture is real manhood – Prayatnasagarji Maharaj

105 Prayatnasagarji Maharaj

It is necessary to protect the land in which we have been raised. Hence, protecting Hindu culture is a must. This is real manhood. For that, we should work as per the guidance of Saints. As this guidance has the resolve of Saints it will definitely be successful. Just listening to the points put forward in this Adhiveshan is not enough; we must act accordingly. For this, each one of us must resolve to do something. Bharatiya culture has given huge importance to Gomata (Cow).  So, for the conservation of cows, each one of us should take the responsibility of providing fodder and water to at least one cow for one month. I am glad to see so many Hindus from Bharat as well as abroad who have come here with the intent of preserving and protecting Hindu culture. For this, all of you worthy of praise. 105 Prayatnasagarji Maharaj said, “The happiness that I got today is immense and incomparable. I have never such happiness even when delivering lectures in front of 40 thousand people.” 105 Prayatnasagarji Maharaj is the disciple of the revoultionary saint and Jain Muni Shri Tarunsagarji Maharaj.


  • Words of praise for Sanatan Sanstha by 105 Prayatnasagarji Maharaj. He said, ‘ Sanatan Sanstha and its seekers are working for the protection of Hindu Dharma. This work of protection of Hindu Dharma is being done very nicely through the medium of Param Pujya Dr. Jayant Athavale.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti