Protest : Online retailer (Wear Your Opinion) denigrates Hindu Deities and Sadhus

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) receieved complaints about the online store that advertises and sells clothes like T-shirts which have images of revered Deities like Shiva, Ganesha and symbols like Om. HJS promptly sent a letter to to create awareness about the denigration.

1. Ekdant Ganesha T Shirt (

2. Ganesha Transformer T Shirt (

3. Divine Trinity Shiva (

4. Om Hari Unisex T Shirt (

5. Om Insignia (

6. Rudra (


7. Lord Ganesha (
8. Lord Shiva (
9. Om Namah Shivay T Shirt (
10. Shivatron (

11. Smoke Om T Shirt (

 (Read Protest letter below)

HJS tried to make aware that as per Dharmashastra and spiritual science, the images of Hindu Gods Ganapati, Shiva and the OM that are being showcased in their products do no conform to either the Science of Spirituality or the Scriptures. Further, these images on clothing amount to denigration and are an offense as per Indian Penal Code section 295A as well as an offense as per the Indian Trade Practice Act 1999 .

Even after protest letter by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, we have not received any reply from or their parent company Shreenath Technovation LLP and hence we are starting this protest campaign. Now we appeal all devout Hindus to protest lawfully against so that it should remove all defamatory products and also it should render unconditional apology to Hindus for hurting their religious sentiments.

If does not remove these products, then all Hindus should completely boycott this website.

Devout Hindus are lodging their lawful protests on the following contacts – 

Address :     Shreenath Technovation LLP
        H No. 1108
        S No. 116/5,
        Konda Compound,
        Devoji Nagar, Narpoli
        Bhiwandi 421302
Phone :    +91-022-26850141
Email : 
Website :



|| Shri ||

Shreenath Technovation LLP
H No. 1108, S No. 116/5, Konda Compound, Devoji Nagar, Narpoli
Bhiwandi (Maharashtra, India) – 421302

Phone : +91-022-26850141, +91-09769358408

Dear Sir / Madam,

Subject : Request to stop advertisement/sale of products with Hindu Deities symbols/pictures like Deity Shiva on T-shirt

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is a registered NGO engaged in social, religious and National welfare work. The Samiti is active throughout the world, educating people about Dharma in scientific way, campaigning against malpractices that have been attached to religious practices while also solving issues of national, social and religious importance. For further details please refer to our website

We appreciate your efforts to glorify Hindu Dharma by showcasing Hindu Deities on your products. We understand that accordingly you might have used Deities’ pictures and religious symbols on your products. But we have received many complaints about your product.

As per Dharmashastra and spiritual science, the word, touch, form, taste, fragrance and the energy associated with them coexist. Whenever any image of a Deity (like Shiva or Shri Ganesh) or a divine symbol (like Om or Swastik) is produced, the divine energy is present in that. However, when such products are used they are touched with dirty hands, may get splattered with mud, washed with other dirty clothes, get thrown around and once old eventually turn up in the waste bin or drains etc. This amounts to denigration of revered Deities, which is hurtful to the religious sentiments of Hindus. In turn this increases your destiny and SIN. Deities’ images should be in Temples and the hearts of devotees and not on Tshirts / trousers. We feel that manufacturers use Hindu Deities’ images to increase sales, but actually it is denigration and an offense as per Indian Penal Code section 295A. Further please note that using religious symbols on products is an offense as per the Indian Trade Practice Act 1999.

In view of above we request you to stop advertisement / manufacture / sale of products with Hindu Deities symbols / pictures. We have listed a few items from your websites that have designs that denigrate Hindu Deities.

1. Ekdant Ganesha T Shirt (

2. Ganesha Transformer T Shirt (

3. Divine Trinity Shiva (

4. Lord Ganesha (

5. Lord Shiva (

6. Om Hari Unisex T Shirt (

7. Om Insignia (

8. Om Namah Shivay T Shirt (

9. Rudra (

10. Shivatron (

11. Smoke Om T Shirt (

This is not a comprehensive list, so we request (ask) you to remove any other item that we may have missed from this list, if it is likely to hurt feelings of Hindus. Please note that if you continue to produce products having religious symbols/pictures people will boycott your products in future which will affect financial operation of your firm.

Please acknowledge the letter and inform us in writing about the action taken by you in this regard.

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti