Protest : Shivling Marketing blasphemes Shivling

shivling_marketingShivling Marketing is a products’ Supplier and Manufacturer of “Toor Dal” located out of Vasad, Gujarat, India. Hindus have recently found that this firm has blasphemed Hindus’ revered deity Shiv by printing His picture on their packings. HJS has received complaints regarding this defaming act of the said firm.


A typical example of how this ‘toor dal’ cover is used as a door mat
(sent by one of the devout Hindus from Bengaluru, India) and is thereby denigrated

Accordingly, HJS has immediately sent a protest letter to stop the denigration of Shivling to Shivling Marketing.

Its mentioned in the letter that – “As per Hindu religion, we should worship and get blessings from deities by putting religious symbols/pictures in temples and Devghar/Mandir in our homes. As the packings/ bags having religious symbols/pictures are handled during transport, storage; after their use, these packings/ bags are either torn into pieces and people walk on that or it comes under the feet. Ultimately, they are thrown in dustbins and gutters. Thus, there is insult and denigration of our deities.”

HJS has also very categorically warned the firm that – “if they continue to produce packings/ bags having religious symbols/pictures, people will boycott their products in future.”

But still there is no official reply from Shivling Marketing. So, now its the duty of devout Hindus all across the globe to register their lawful protests against Shivling Marketing.

Devout Hindus are registering
their lawful protests on the following contacts

Vasad – 388306, Gujarat, India.
Tel : +91-2692-274741/274742

HJS’ protest letter to Shivling Marketing

Vasad – 388306, Gujarat.
Tel: 91-2692-274741/274742

Attn. Shri. Bhavin Mehta (Partner)

Dear Sirs,

Subject : Request to stop denigration of Hindu Deities by putting Shivling pictures on gunny bags/packings of your products etc.

I thank you for your positive response while discussing the matter on telephone today and would like to express our feelings as follows:
Hindu Janajagruti Samiti is an NGO doing social, religious and Nation building work. For details please refer our website where we have successfully campaigned against crackers having pictures of Hindu deities, tobacco wrapper , Arjun spices etc.

Thousands of Hindus are customers of your good products. However, we have received complaints against you for hurting religious sentiments as you are putting religious symbols/pictures on packing of your products. As per Hindu religion we should worship and get blessings from deities by putting religious symbols/pictures in temples and Devghar/Mandir in house. However there is beautiful Shivling Picture on your Gunny Bags. After use these gunny Bags are put at the door step and used to clean the feet before entering the room, also thrown on the road and in gutter, it comes under feet and the wheels of vehicles.

Thus there is insult and denigration of our deities. This is hurting religious sentiments of Hindus which is an offense as per Indian Penal Code section 295A. Further as per Indian TRADE MARKS ACT, 1999 [Act No. 47 of Year 1999 dated 30th. December, 1999] section 9, 2 (b) one can not use symbols on the product which will hurt religious sentiments.

Please note that if you continue to produce wrappers having religious symbols/pictures people will boycott your products in future. In view of above we earnestly request you to stop the gunny bags/packings having religious symbols/pictures. Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Shivaji Vatkar

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti