Puducherry – Vedanta Scholar Swami Thathvabodhananda Brutally Murdered

Noted saint and philosopher Swami Thathvabodhananda was beaten to death by unknown assailants at his apartment complex in Puducherry on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday (29 August), Tamil Daily Dinamalar has reported. Swami Thathvabodhananda was a noted yoga and Gita guru along with being a Vedanta scholar.
The murder was discovered by the security guard of the Gokulam apartment complex who then notified the cops. As per the report, the guard was taking care of the apartment’s affairs on the intervening night when two unknown men barged in and began behaving aggressively.
Fearing for his life, he fled the scene and took shelter at a petrol pump for the night. He later returned to the apartment complex in the morning and found blood stains in the doorway and discovered the murder.
The police pressed its sniffer dogs in action and also sent a forensics team to collect evidence from the crime scene. With the apartment’s CCTV camera being damaged, the cops have collected footage from nearby apartments and are trying to identify the assailants.
Two separate units have been set up by the police to track down the criminals. The cops claim that had they been informed of the crime sooner they would have been able to promptly catch the killers.
The deceased Swami had recently been protesting against the use of drugs of alcohol near his apartment and cops are trying to determine whether the killers were aggravated by this.
(VSK Bharat)