Pune Traffic Police remove denigrating picture of Hindus God Shri Ganapati from their ‘Facebook’ page


Pune : It was observed that a denigrating picture of Shri Ganaraya used by Pune Traffic Police in the name of giving message to people to use helmet, has been removed from their ‘Facebook’ page on 17th February. There was a picture of Shri Ganesha, with helmet in his hand, advising people to take care of their heads as everyone may not get head replaced like him. Pro-Hindu advocate, Shri. Mohanrao Dongare had issued a notice to police about his religious sentiments getting hurt due to such denigration.

Devout alert Hindus had given their responses on ‘Facebook’ saying that such denigration of Deities was not proper. Active efforts by advocate Dongare to stop denigration and reactions of pro-Hindus put a curb on Pune police who had trampled religious sentiments of Hindus. (It is an acknowledgement of God helping those taking efforts for prevention of ‘Dharma-haani (damage caused to Dharma)’. If such attempts are made to stop ‘Dharma-hani’, establishment of Hindu Rashtra is not far away ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

Why to keep looking at trivial matters ! – Vishwas Pandhare, Dy. Police Commissioner (Traffic)

Shri. Vishwas Pandahre, Dy. Police Commissioner (Traffic) was contacted in this connection when he said, “It was not the first time that we have used picture of Shri Ganaraya. The picture was used only for creating awareness amongst people; so what is wrong with it? Why to look into trivial matters ?”

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat