Rajiv Malhotra conversation with Roddam Narasimha & Mohandas Pai, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Watch the video of my lively discussion:


My conversation with Roddam Narasimha


and Mohandas Pai


Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore








This was an exciting evening with two of Bangalore’s foremost intellectuals.


Roddam Narasimha is one of India’s most acclaimed scientists, recipient of numerous awards including the Padma Vibhushan. He discussed the issue of Indian traditional science not being given the credit it deserves.


Mohandas Pai, a cofounder of Infosys, is a major educationist and industrialist. He proposed that the solution is from the grass-roots; the public should use social media to get its message across.


The discussions were based on my latest book, “The Battle For Sanskrit”.


I hope you will watch the three talks including the lively Q&A that follows.





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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)