RajivMalhotra – Swadeshi Indology Conference 1: All videos available

The Swadeshi Indology (SI) Conference series is a new movement that critiques & replaces the Western (videshi) study of Indian civilization.

Rather than depicting Indian civilization as a cause of all sorts of problems, SI adopts a balanced approach. It explains how our civiization is also a source of solutions.

It takes to task the most prominent & influential Western schools of Indology, i.e. the ones that have colonized the minds of large numbers of Indians today.

Prior to this initiative, there has not been an effective and concerted effort to systematically demolish many core ideas and false assumptions of Western Indology.

The 1st SI conference was held in IIT Madras last month. The videos available are from panels on specialized topics, including the following topics:


  • Refuting the claim that Sanskrit shastras block creativity and innovation.
  • Refuting the claim that ideas contained in ancient Sanskrit texts helped the Nazis to do the Holocaust.
  • Refuting the claim that Sanskrit has been dead for a thousand years, and that it was killed by Hindu kings despite the efforts of Muslims to try and save it.
  • Refuting the claim that the Ramayana is a myth meant for asserting power over the public, and especially for violence against Muslims.
  • And so forth.

You can watch the video of each paper along with the lively Q&As among scholars at this historic event. Besides each paper being available as a separate video, we have also organizd them into playlists for each topic.

The entire collection is available at: CLICK FOR VIDEO LIST

The SECOND Swadeshi Indology Conference is planned for early February in Delhi. To participate as a scholar please visit the following web site where instructions are given: CLICK FOR SI-2 announcement.

The overall site for the SI movement is at: SwadeshiIndology.com

Facebook: @RajivMalhotra.Official

Twitter: @RajivMessage


Source: World Hindu News (WHN)